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February 16, 2007

R.J.'s Scoliosis Story

By: R.J.
Age: 14

I was 11 when we found out that I had scoliosis. It was during a scoliosis check that they found it. It was just a small curvature but it was significant enough to where they had me go see a specialist.

A year later it had increased so much that we had me go into chiropractic care with Dr. Shelby of Shelby chiropractic. They had me doing exercises and traction. The traction started out with a contraption that made me get flushed and feeling really hot but after a while we stopped doing chiropractic for about 3-4 months and went back to it and by then he had a new way of approaching the scoliosis traction, instead of having me standing up he had me lying down.

But since we had stopped for so long the scoliosis had progressed so rapidly, to 56 degrees, that it could not be stopped, only slowed down a tiny bit. So we went back to the specialist and she said that the only way to correct it would be surgery, and that not even a brace could stop it.

After she said the word surgery I almost collapsed with fear. I had had surgery a year or two before hand.

So after about 6 months I finally had the surgery. I had to have 9 discs taken out of my back, I had a chest tube, and they had to remove a rib to get in through my front. When I awoke I felt so bad, and man was I in pain!

I was in the hospital for a week and then at my aunt's for another week because she is a nurse. She took real good care of me and even changed my dressings so well that when I went to get my staples taken out, my doctor told me that whoever was changing my dressings was doing an excellent job. My curvature went from 81 degrees to 35 degrees. My curve was the worst I had ever heard of. I went to a lot of websites about other people's surgeries and the largest curvature I had seen was 50-60 degrees.

I am feeling so much better now that the surgery is done and over with. I'm still on like 5 different pain meds but I'm in a lot less pain. I hope my story helps other people who are going to have the surgery done on themselves.

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February 12, 2007

Achy knuckles / numbness in hands

By: Ms. Cannon

I am so thankful for this site. My GYN (dr.) has been urging me to try Fosamax for a few years. I resisted because in general I prefer the more "natural" route.

After first dose, I woke up at night because when I opened and closed my right hand, the knuckles would click, almost like they were coming out of joint and then back into place ... very wierd! I must have done it in my sleep and woke up because it felt so strange. The knuckles in my right hand ache. After the second dose, I noticed that now my left hand knuckles are getting stiff. And I mentioned to my daughter the other day that my knees feel stiff and my forearm bone on each arm feels like I clunked it against something.

Before Fosamax I had none of these bone/achy/pain issues. Call me naive, but I was thinking "maybe this is my bones densifying and this is what it feels like". Another side effect I am noticing is numbness and ache coming down from under my right arm, through my right elbow, into my right hand to the pinky. Sometimes my right hand knuckles around the pinky and ring finger feel "mushy". Now that I have read all of the postings, you can bet that I am pitching out all of these darn pills! My instinct told me not to take them, but I tried anyway. I already have TMJ and soft teeth - you can bet I don't want to start up anything in that area!!

Check out Kevin Trudeau's work. He is on the cutting edge of busting the big Pharma and FDA.
Somebody needs to hold these people accountable!

Thank you for posting & God bless.

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February 4, 2007

Merck Puts Aside $48 Million to Battle Fosamax Lawsuits

Merck says it has put aside $48 million in defense funds to battle Fosamax lawsuits that will begin going to trial in 2008.

[Merck CEO Richard] Clark said that the company now faces about 104 cases over Fosamax, the bulk of which have been filed in federal court. He added that the first of these cases will likely not go to trial until 2008. Clark emphasized that Fosamax has been on the market for over 10 years and that reported cases of osteonecrosis were very rare.

Click here to read the concerns of doctors over the longterm safety of the drug. More and more cases of osteonecrosis and other Fosamax side effects are emerging. As with many other things, side effects occur after many years of use.

Sirna takeover, litigation costs pressure bottom-line

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