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February 12, 2007

Achy knuckles / numbness in hands

By: Ms. Cannon

I am so thankful for this site. My GYN (dr.) has been urging me to try Fosamax for a few years. I resisted because in general I prefer the more "natural" route.

After first dose, I woke up at night because when I opened and closed my right hand, the knuckles would click, almost like they were coming out of joint and then back into place ... very wierd! I must have done it in my sleep and woke up because it felt so strange. The knuckles in my right hand ache. After the second dose, I noticed that now my left hand knuckles are getting stiff. And I mentioned to my daughter the other day that my knees feel stiff and my forearm bone on each arm feels like I clunked it against something.

Before Fosamax I had none of these bone/achy/pain issues. Call me naive, but I was thinking "maybe this is my bones densifying and this is what it feels like". Another side effect I am noticing is numbness and ache coming down from under my right arm, through my right elbow, into my right hand to the pinky. Sometimes my right hand knuckles around the pinky and ring finger feel "mushy". Now that I have read all of the postings, you can bet that I am pitching out all of these darn pills! My instinct told me not to take them, but I tried anyway. I already have TMJ and soft teeth - you can bet I don't want to start up anything in that area!!

Check out Kevin Trudeau's work. He is on the cutting edge of busting the big Pharma and FDA.
Somebody needs to hold these people accountable!

Thank you for posting & God bless.

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January 29, 2007

Help, My Bones Hate Me!!!

I went off Fosamax because I was eligible for M'Care part D. Well, that meant no more free drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. I went into my "donut hole" in October. So, I have had to cut back on a lot of my meds. I will probably go into my "donut hole" very early this year. I now have other added meds to buy.

Here is what has happened to me over the last few years.

I have had at least 4 -6 rib fractures; T6, T7, and T-2 fractures in my back; my left foot has been fractured 3 times and it is now fractured. I think I fractured it around Dec. 9 and T-12 at the same time. I was dancing with a two year old at a Christmas party for some Veterans in a VA nursing home. It is hard not to be able to lift a child.

My orthopedic doctor told me Friday I had to get my bones strengthened and quick. He is afraid I will break a femur or hip. Then I will be in big trouble. I am only 53, so it looks like I will have the rest of my lifetime in caution and pain.

I even fractured a rib lying on my stomach during an epidural on my back. I felt it when it happened. I waited about 3-4 weeks before I went to the orthopedic doctor because it takes about two or more weeks for the fracture to show up. When it starts to heal, he can find it. That is what my orthopedic doctor told me.

I have been on long term steroids for lung problems brought on by acid reflux. Long story. Now, I have Addison's Disease. My teeth are crumbling from my mouth. But I can't get my blood pressure down and my other health up enough to go have them fixed. Not to mention how much it is going to cost.

I am going to try to see if there is some sort of waiver they can do with the pharmaceutical companies to help me. My doctor gave me a script for Zetia (to lower my cholesterol). I told his nurse I couldn't afford it. She said she would tell him. Well, he sent me a script for Lopid, it costs more than the Zetia. Can't win!!!

I take over 21 different pills every morning. I usually miss the lunchtime dose and the bedtime dose. At least I try to do this. Hubby gets his meds from the VA, but we don't take the same meds. We tried, but I couldn't take his. My cholesterol is 328 (OUCH), triglycerides are 346. I tried taking cinnamon pills for over 3 months. That didn't help.

Thanks for letting me vent and maybe someone will have an idea that I can use for the bone building/strengthening that I so desperately need to do.

J :)

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