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We've talked a lot about the link between Fosamax and jaw osteonecrosis, but what about the other side effects of Fosamax? Bone pain is a common side effect of this drug. What are your side effects?

We've talked a lot about the link between Fosamax (alendronate) and jaw osteonecrosis, but what about the other side effects of Fosamax? From what I've heard, bone pain is a common side effect of this drug. In fact, many women report such severe bone pain that they are hardly able to function. If this drug is supposed to make women (and men) stronger, why is it making so many weaker? The company lists the following as possible side effects: worsening heartburn, difficult or painful swallowing, chest pain, and severe bone, joint, and/or muscle pain. It says that "severe bone, joint and/or muscle pain" has been reported but is "rare." And does the official Fosamax site say anything about jaw osteonecrosis? Here's what it says, buried deep in the document:

"Rarely, patients have had jaw problems associated with delayed healing and infection, often following tooth extraction."

There's a big difference between "delayed healing and infection" and osteonecrosis of the jaw. The vagueness of the phrase "jaw problems" would be amusing if so many people weren't suffering from these "problems."

What about the woman who ended up with her jaw bone in a bucket?

We'd like you to post your Fosamax side effects here. Just click on the "comments" link and let us know what your experiences have been. This page will be a spot where people can share their experiences, both good and bad, so others can decide if they want to take this drug and other bisphosphonates. If you've had no side effects we'd like to hear from you, too.

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I've had severe muscle / bone pain, lost muscle in my legs so much so that if I dropped anything when I tried to pick it up I'd need to crawl over to a chair or table and pull myself leg muscles at all. So, if you loose muscle while taking Fosamax, what is it doing to your heart (muscle)? And, yes, lost jaw bone too.

I have been taking Fosamax for 2 years. I was diagnosed with osteoperosis and prescribed Fosamax. After the first year a bone scan showed a reverse in bone mass and I was no longer considered as having osteoperosis. I read about the side effect of mandibular necrosis with Fosamax in Dr Gott's column and am concerned. I was told to take a calcium supplemant daily when I started to take Fosamax which I have done religiously. I have wondered if the calcium was actually what caused the improvement. Because of this horrible side effect I think I will stop the fosamax and continue the clacium and see what the bone scan shows next year. Maggie so sorry to hear about your results.

My wife has been on Fosamax since at least 7/1/01. We are checking with the pharmacy to research their records to see if she started earlier than that date.

Around late 2002 she started having bone pain of 5 on a scale of 0-10. Also terrible head aches.

Up to that time I can't remember when she had a headache.

She also has terrible jaw and eye socket pain.

She wanted to stop Fosamax in September 2005 but her doctor insisted that a "future back fracture would be far worse pain".

A recent cat scan indicates she now has osteo arthritis in every joint of her body.This, even though she has no swelling in any joint that is typical of osteo arthritis. And she never had the slow leadup joint to joint pain that is the usual way osteo arthritis progresses.

She had no progression. Suddenly it was osteo arthritis over her entire body. Is that believable?

She saw a rheumatologist who pronounced it Osteo arthritis and offered to prescribe pain killers but showed no interest in researching the possible cause of the disease or further narrowing down the specific type of arthritis.

Last week my wife at my request stopped Fosamax.

Info on the internet suggests that the possible side effects could last 10-12 years. She is 73 years old. So she must bear this pain, possibly until she is 85.

We need more sites on the internet to warn poeople of possible dire unlisted side effects of drugs.

And what about doctors who when told of their patients side effects from the drug insist they continue on the drug.

The "tear sheet" on the drug says that the patient should contact their doctor if they experience side effects. But what protects the patient from the doctor who insists that the patient continue on with use of the drug regardless of the side

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Richard B

I have been taking Fosamax for about three years. In the beginning it seemed to have helped. But my bone scan worsened and she put me on another medication. It made me feel like I was having a heart attack. My doctor said it was my esophagus. My doctor took me off of it and put me back on Fosamax. I am only now realizing that this medication is making me feel terrible. This past year my chest hurt so bad that I could not wear a bra. The pressure was terrible. I also have frequent heart flutterings. My bones also hurt especially in my elbows, ankles and hips. I have frequent pain in my right back under my ribs. I finally had enought sense not to take it any more. My question is how long do I have to be off of it to start feeling good enough or have I already done some damage to my body by taking this drug. I'd rather have a broken bone than to feel this way.

I had a bone density test that resulted in an "at risk" assessment. My doctor prescribed Fosamax. Within 12 hours of taking my first dose, I was completely debilitated with hip pain, but thought it might be a fluke. Took it again the second week and could barely move. Felt like I needed a hip replacement. That's it for me. I won't be taking Fosamax.

Richard & Nancy
It took me about 2 months to realize that I felt better after I stopped taking Fosamax. I'm still not 100% but I do not have the pain that I did have. Hang in will get better. My Aunt was on Fosamax and having the same problems as me...I urged her to stop taking it (she has) and after one month of not taking it, she's feeling better. The improvement will be gradual.

I took fosamax for 1 year. During that year I had 2 tooth fractures that were a mystery. I take religous care of my teeth and couldn't understand how this could happen. After the second fracture I mentioned the fact that I was on this drug to my dentist. He said he knew of no issues with this drug and teeth. I am now convinced that the drug caused these teeth problems. I was told my bone scan was fine and to discontinue the use last year. I have had no dental issues since. I will never take it again.

Hmm.. I have a had a rare tooth resorbtion while on fosamax. (ie my jaw bone dissolved one of my teeth).. but my top jaw healed ok. Intestingly though, there has been a fair amount of bone loss around that resorbtion.

I started taking Fosamax just over a year ago. Since then I have had severe joint and muscle pain, my body stiffens during the night to the point I feel like rigor mortis has set in. I also have excruciating pain in the ribs in my back. All of which my doctor diagnosed as arthritis and just getting older. Only recently did I start relating all of these symptoms to Fosamax. After researching the drug and speaking to Merck, I'm absolutely confident that all of these symptoms are side effects of Fosamax. I have been off Fosamax for 1 month now, the stiffness has improved some, however, the rib pain is still unbearable. If anyone has experienced this and recovered, please let me know, as I am desperately afraid that Fosamax has done permanent damage to my body.

My doctor prescribed Fosamax for my Osteopenia. I took it for over a year and a bone density test indicated no further deterioration and a slight improvement on one side.

However, my leg pains worsened to the point that it interrupted my sleep. I decided I'd rather face the prospect of Osteoperosis than the on-going leg & muscle pains.

So I called my doctor and told him I was going off the Fosamax. He asked if I wanted to try something else, but I told him I'd researched the alternatives and they sounded like more of the same.

He told me to go ahead but keep him informed. It's been about 2 years since I went off the drug and I am pain free. I have increased my calcium intake. I now take no prescriptions whatsoever and feel just fine. (I am 66 years old)

I took fosamax for 18 months.During that time I had a frozen shoulder, muscle and bone pain, creaky joints and an all over feeling of disability. I've been off fosamax for 6 weeks and I'm still having terrible hip pain. I'm going to therapy to see if it will help. I've gone from a healthy, active 67 year old to a creaky old woman. I'm so upset that a drug that's supposed to help me is instead destroying my life.

My bone density scan showed osteoporosis. Doc recommended Fosomax. I refused, saying I'd done my own research, plus speaking to other women who'd taken it, and said I'd go the natural way with calcium, magnesium, vit. d and vit. k. Doc was not too happy with me. Don't care, HE'S not feeling side-effects!! I walk 1-2 hrs daily, do weight bearing exercises and generally feel very well (and intend to continue feeling this way).

I am 53 years old and had never had any joint pain until I was put on Arimidex (post breast cancer medication). After three weeks of getting worse (increased joint/bone pain and difficulty getting up and down), I quit the drug even though my oncologist tried to persuade me to stay on it (I was Stage 1 and only getting a 1% benefit from the drug). I tested negative for arthritis and was put on pain medication. Through the internet, I read of women ending up in wheelchairs due to this drug. After being off of Arimidex for about 9 months, the side effects finally disappeared. I had been pain free for 2 years.

Recently, I was put on Fosamax by my primary care physician based only on the fact that I am post-menopausal. A subsequent bone scan showed that my bones are normal for my age, but was encouraged by my primary care physician and oncologist to take Fosamax anyway.

I heard horror stories about "jaw problems," and discussed this with my pharmacist. She said there wasn't enough evidence for the drug company to pull it.

I've only been taking Fosamax for about 3 months, and I have been concerned lately about the sudden joint pain I've been experiencing. I began to wonder if I was finally getting arthritis. However, after researching the internet and visiting this website, I am convinced that Fosamx, like Arimidex, is the cause of the sudden joint pain. I feel fortunate that my joint pain is realtively mild and am hopeful that I have quit this medication before doing permanent damage. From now on I will stick with calcium citrate and weight bearing exercise.

It is unfortunate that doctors so readily prescribe dangerous drugs, especially when there is little or no benefit. I am at a very low risk for cancer recurrence and have no bone loss, yet my doctors have tried to persuade me to take potentially debilitating medications. Nowadways, patients need to be very proactive in their medical treatments.

I hope my story will be helpful to others, and will post a follow-up when the Fosamx side effects go away.

I have been on Fosamax for a few years now and since last fall I have big problems on the right side of my face and a back pain. I just found out from a friend that there was bad side effects with Fosamax so I decided to check it out and I am glad to have read the above comments; I will for sure consider to stop taking Fosamax. I was told that I had TMJ or Myofacial Syndrome? Because it feels like a toothache and electric shoc as well it is very painful. I went twice to see my Dentist and they could not find anything, then my Doctor sent me to see a Neurologist and he then sent me for a CT Scan the result was that they could not find anything so I went for a few massage still the pain did not go away, I had a few treatments with the Chiroprator and I thought that it helped except the pain in the back still was there and this summer on my holiday I was in terrible pain it felt like a toothache this time on top not at the bottom so I now started to see a Physiotherapist and he applies some small needle but the pain still stays. I have also since a few months ago a retainer - mouth peace for the night to sleep with. I have to say that the pain in my back is less now it was just one spot and last week I purchased a massage pad to put on a chair and it helps a bit.

I thought I would share my experience. Thank you.

Ihave been on fosamax for around 10 months for osteopenia. About a month ago I experienced severe chest pain after taking my fosamax. I also have had tightness and gagging feeling in my throat for months that I thought was attributed to cervical stenosis in my neck. I am now thinking that it was due to the fosamas. I am in extreme pain many days with the chest pains and gaggy feeling. I am on prilosec and zantec and am scheduled for an esophogram in the next week. I also have had arm and joint pain in my fingers that I think may be due to the fosamax also. Does anyone have these symptoms and have had an esophagram? I am hoping I did not due any permanent damage.


November 2005 my 81 year old mother started taking Fosamax for low bone density. She had a severe reaction that resulted in her losing all her energy; she could barely walk or move. The Dr. took her off it for 3 weeks and most of her energy returned. Dr. put her back on Fosamax and she did not suffer the severe reaction but became gradually weak to the point 9 months later she had to stop taking Fosamax (Drs direction) because of a severe bone infection. Blood tests were done and all blood indicators extremely low (RBC, WBC, and Platelets). Bone/Bone marrow tested possitive for advanced MDS (pre-leukemia). When combining the above timing and the facts that MDS is a bone marrow desease and Fosamax is a drug that acts directly on the bone, makes me very suspicious that Fosamax had something to do with my mother developing advanced MDS.

I have been on Fosamax since 2001, following a broken hip. Since that time I have lost most of my teeth. Now I know why. I have also noticed some very mild muscle aches, mild "heart burn", and an occasional tightness in my throat. Does anyone know if any class action suits have been initiated?

I have been on Fosamax for probably 8-10 years. After the first year - tremendous improvement and steadily better or no worsening. Osteo runs rampant in the women in my family so I jumped at the opp to stop this disease. The last year (I'm 59) I feel like I'm 80 years old. My feet, ankles and knees are so stiff when I get out of bed in the a.m. or after sitting for a while that I can barely walk for a while. My knees pop and crack and I can barely stoop down to pick up anything - my hands hurt a lot - especially finger joints. I also had a tooth mysteriously loosen to the point I lost the tooth and had to have a bridge. I think after reading these comments I will stop the Fosamax immediately and make sure I get the calcium - what good is the drug if it makes your condition possibly worse than if you didn't take it.

If responding to me - you certainly have the right to call me stupid - but ignorance doesn't qualify you do so.

I've been on Fos for almost 5 years and get along fine on it. I have had a dramatic increase in bone density, particularly in the last two years, and I'd like to think my excercise and diet have played a larger role than the Fosamax, but maybe the cumulative effect of the Fos is key.
I am now up from osteopenia to NORMAL range of bone density.

Of course, from what I've read that may not mean much. The bone rebuilt with Fosamax may just look good on the scan and not really be strong. But.. I fall down occassionally, and if anyone was going to break something I would have by now.

Anyway, I have a (free weekly) Google Alert set for Fosamax and I get news when it comes out. I got one study which indicates that after 5 years on Fos, the rate of broken bones does not improve any farther. I think my Dr. must have read this too - when I called to see when my 5 years is up they said they were just contacting people who'd been on that long and I wouldn't be "up" till February. So I'm going off then, or sooner - I have one more Fos tablet left and the dr. gave me my next prescription for Boniva, so I have one of those. I'm really ready to quit them all and take my chances.

I work hard at excercise and diet, including calcium rich foods, taking a variety of types of calcium, monitoring my D intake (not too little OR too much) and monitoring my magnesium so it is in proportion. I take less D in the summer when I get sun, and though I primarily take Calcium Citrate, sometimes I take carbonate. I'm hedging my bets.

I have been on Fosamax for almost a year and all my joints hurt as well as my back. I have difficulty standing up and walking after I have been sitting for a while, but the worst is my fingers which had alway been nimble and without arthritis are now painful and stiff. I play the piano and I'm afraid I won't be able to do that very much longer if I keep taking this drug. I don't know if the good of taking this drug outweighs the bad side effects. I don't think so.

I have only taken Fosamax for one month and already have terrible heartburn and burning in esophagus. From what I read and hear, I think I will stop. Keep the suggestions coming.

I had been to the doctor and he noticed that I had shrunk tremendously in a year so sent me for a bone density. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. That was about 3 years ago. Over the years all of a sudden a few of my teeth were infected and fell out with major infections. I had to have a bridge made. Lately, I just said to my husband I can't bend down without my knees hurting and walking up the stairs is sometimes a chore. Not very severe but enough to notice. I also feel like I have aged tremendously. My joints in my fingers also hurt at times and I have been suffering with terrible leg cramps at night. I was told I didn't have enough potasium. I have always been a healthy eater and exercise and I feel like I am 100 years old sometimes. Recently, I went to the dentist for my cleaning and because another tooth cracked. I need a crown and was told I have some bone loss. I thought how could that be when I am on fosamax. She noticed on my chart that I was on Fosamax. The hygenist told me to do some research as one of their patients went to the dental surgeon and he would not touch her because she was on Fosamax. He told her to go off for 6 mos. before he would look at her. My doctor tried to prescribe hormones originally which I would not take and I received a lecture on how I have to protect my bones. Now all of this information comes out on hormones and Fosamax. What are alternatives? I just took it Monday and am going to discontinue it. I have had a recent bone density test. I have held my own but not built back any bone. Surprise Surprise...These drug companies are so interested in the bottom line, they will not fess up to how harmful these drugs can be. Everyone I know in my age group is on one of these types of drugs. I am going to stop taking it and see if some of these symptoms subside. My Husband has rheumotoid arthritis and complains about his knee. I feel like I am whining when I tell him my knee hurts. Now I know I am probably not imagining the pain.

Tooth resporption? Hair loss?
Aches and pains in shoulder and arm? Got 'em all....and sure never had them BEFORE
I was on Actonel (now Boniva)........ Most interesting to see others.
As for John, it's impossible to understand him. I'm betting he has never been on these products. Just a guess, of course....

I've been on Fosamax for one year. Over that year, I've developed alot of the complaints I'm reading here. HORRIBLE shoulder pain with frozen shoulder, come and go pain in hip, one elbow, one knee and ankle. Pins and needles in heel, and my most recent...heart "fluttering". I've always had "teeth" problems, but they are MUCH more pronounced now. I'm DONE with Fosamax or any of the other look-alikes. I'll now be concentrating on calcium, vitamin D and weight resistance exercises. Damn. I'm mad. They should take this OFF the market!

And John! According to Kerry, go to Irak! Your(sic) stoopid (sic)! No need to "opologies" (sic)!

Hi there .....for those of you people who have had problems on fosamax? have u tried taking Actonel..I had serious side effects on Fosamax, I have now been taking Actonel for 1yr, all my problems have gone. Obviously it isnt for everyone.

I've been on fosamax for four years - didn't realize all the side effects until lately when I looked them up. My stomach is bloated - very itchy - nauseaus all the time -flu like symtoms - dull headaches - chest pains - I'm quitting fosamax today. Life is too short to feel this way.

I have been comtemplating going on Fosamax since being diagnosed with osteopenia @ 4 years ago. My sister takes Fosamax and has been pressuring me to, also. I prefer to go the "natural" route in most health issues and, thanks to all your comments, will continue on that course. I do hope that you who are experiencing pain will find relief, soon.

I was very interested to read everyone's comments. I am at high risk for osteoporosis and have osteopenia in part of hip and lower spine. I am 56, a personal trainer, run, bike and weight train regularly. I had read about the risks of Fosomax in a book called "What Your Doctor Won't Tell you about Menopause" by Dr. John Lee. When it was prescriped I balked at taking it. My doc said I should as he had researched it and was not problem. Then I went to a cosmetic dentist who warned me about taking it - said he had seen many instances of jaw necrosis from it. So... I don't know what to do. I am upping intake of Calcium, D, Zinc and Magnesium.

I have a good friend whose husband is a dentist and she said that he has seen quite an increase of problems in patients who are on Fosamax. Also, she said that there are new ads on T.V. warning of some of the risks involved with taking it. I haven't seen these but, after reading some of your experiences, am not surprised.

I have been taking Fosamax for 2 years. Have hip, back, and leg pain, plus muscle and tendon spasms and cramps. Also peripheral nerve damage in both legs and numbness in the balls of my feet and my toes. Anyone else with these neurological symptoms? I stopped taking Fosamax 2 weeks ago. My pharmacist said I would notice a difference in about 2 months. He was more candid and informed about side effects than my doctor.

My doctor prescribed Fosamax after I scored poorly on the bone density test. After about 6 weeks my hair started falling out. I continued with this medication for another 2 weeks & decided "enough"!! At the rate I was losing hair, I would be bald by Christmas. I have gone from a thick head of hair to "baby" hair. I've been off Fosamax for 3 weeks, but I'm still shedding. Has anyone else experienced this? And will the hair loss eventually stop? Will it grow back?

After being diagnosed with osteopenia 3 years ago, my doctor put me on Actonel 1x/wk, favoring that brand over Fosamax in my case as I already had acid reflux problems for which I was taking Prilosec. Just recently I have been having mysterious pain in my lower jaw, running the entire span of the jaw and I see that the gum beneath the tooth line has considerably changed color and to me looks as though it is receding. Although Fosamax is commonly mentioned in reports of serious side effects from biophosphonates, I cannot think of any other cause for this gum problem than Actonel. During the three years, I have also lost most power in my upper arms and shoulders and have intermittent pain in both thumbs. I have been on a regular calcium regimen all along, but decided to cut out the calcium/magnesium combo a year ago as I thought it was contributing to intestinal problems I was experiencing. Perhaps that decision led to some of my current problems, so I am considering replacing the magnesium into my regimen in hopes that it will help my bone/tooth situation. I would be interested to read more posts than exist from people who have been taking Actonel and who have experienced any kind of muscle/tooth/jawbone problems. Rosemary

my dr did a bone density on me & put me on fosamax, because i have to work & don't need any broken bones i took the meds.A yr later I have aches & pains i thought it was from getting older(60), but in good health.After reading the comments I read I have a lot of the same ailments,pain in the hips,stiffness,feet hurt,my back hurts and spine and knees sometimes poking in my back i thought were fractures.My job keeps me on my feet all day & some days i feel like crying it hurts so bad. Is Fosamax safe to be on the market?? What happens if i stop taking it? I am very active & hate feeling this way.

I was a long distance power walker all through my forties. went into a severe depression at 50 and stopped doing so and gained 100 lbs..Last july, I decided to do something about it and have lost that 100 lbs in the past year. All this past summer, I averaged 50 miles pe week with no aches and pains whatsoever. Started having back discomfort, dr sent me for bone density test, found osteopenia. Began on Foxomax in Sept...Last six weeks intense pain thigh, knee, down to ankle. Dr says I'm 59 now, probably arthritis...Hobbling around like old lady. jogged walked yesterday eight miles and couldn't move last night...You don't go from 50 miles per week in July to intense I'm quitting the drug. Was supposed to t ake it today. No way in hell. I only pray two months of use didn't do permanent damage

I don't remember exactly how long after my doctor put me on Fosomax before I started having balance problems. I taught dancing for 21 years and then started having terrible pain in my knees. All the doctor did was prescribe pain pills, and said that I had Osteoarthritus due to my age of 81.I am so healthy otherwise. I could hardly walk so I had knee replacement.It took the pain away but ever since I can hardly walk without stumbling. After reading all this about Fosomax I will stop taking it. I told my doctor this and he really argued with me, and tried to change my mind. Do the doctors get a kick-back from prescribing Fosomax? I do hope my stopping this drug will inprove my walking (stumbling) so it doesn't look like I am drunk. (I don't drink!!!)

I am only 35 and had a bone density test done. I learned that I had osteoporosis -4 in different parts of my body. I was taking Fosamax and experienced the same side effects, pain in shoulders, arms,back and legs. I am currently taking Actonel, calcium, D and still having the pain. My bones are always cracking and aching. I am to young to feel this much pain. After reading all this informaion I think I will stop taking Actonel.

I am 47 and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after having a bone density test. I have only taken the Fosamax twice. After the first dose I noticed that I had pain and stiffness in my back and neck. I thought I had just pulled something. I just took my second dose and feel terrible. My whole body aches and my neck is stiff. I didn't realize this was a side effect. Is it possible to have a reaction this quickly?

I've lost approximately 2.5 inches in height, Dr put me on Fosamax, within days I started having aches over my eyes, it progressed down the right side of my face and into my jaw & teeth, in last week had two fillings replaced, dentist could'nt find any explanation & pain still felt even with novicane, am taking antibiotics & pain medication with little help. have stopped the fosamax....

I took Fosamax for over three years, starting in 2001, after a DEXA showed I had osteopenia. Four months after I started taking Fosamax I recorded in my diary that I had severe pain in my left hip. Later this spread to my right hip. I became quite lame, especially after sitting at my desk or in a car. I had x-rays and ultrasounds on my hip but the cause was never diaganosed. The problem got so bad I was on the verge of giving up trekking and cross country skiing - two of my favourite activities until I found Ibuprofen gave short-term relief. Then I started taking glucosamines and after a couple of months the pain levels dropped and I could lie on my left side in bed again - which I had not done for a couple of years - and I could walk normally. It did not occur to me that Fosamax might have caused my hip pain until I read the comments on this site. Then I checked when I started taking Fosamax and when the hip pain started and made the connection.

I starting taking Fosomax around May of 2004. After two months of therapy I noticed pain in my knees. I even asked my endocrinologist if the use of this class of drugs was associated with knee pain. After three months I developed an 'allergic type' intolerance to Fosomax and swithched to Actonel. I was on Actonel for about one year, but had to quit when I developed debilitating bone pain. My knee pain continued to progress. Since then I have been diagnosed with severe chondromalacia and experienced three meniscal tears, two meniscal cysts and reactive synovitis. There are certainly numerous risk factors for knee injury, however I find the timing of these injuries to be quite curious. Is there any documentation of the effects these drugs have on cartilage? Since my job requires physical labor I am on the brink of applying for permanent disability.

I have been on zometa which I believe works the same way as fosamax, but is in iv form - stronger for bone metastasis. I was fine for 2 years, but then started experiencing muscle spasms, pulled muscles, muscle aches, etc. They come and go and move around - as soon as one muscle "heals" another starts hurting. I also have low energy, and walking now tires me....Has anyone had this type of experience with zometa? I worry that our docs don't look at the side effects that come from taking a drug over a long period of time....

I am a 53 yr. old retired RN (now a semi-truck driver)with a history of premature menopause, both parents with osteoporosis, and loss of height. I was diagnosed last year with osteo. and was started on Fosamax. Because I have a history of reflux (on Prilosec), I have been monitoring for esophageal and GI symptoms. Luckily, I've had none. I DID suddenly have a fractured molar that required extraction and a sinus bone graft last Nov. Then, about 3 months ago I began experiencing severe deep joint pain in both hips, left knee and muscle pain in the left leg. I'm also having marked stiffness in the AM, or with sitting for any length of time. I mentioned these symptoms to my MD who ordered a hip xray, which was normal. A few days later, my 80 y.o. mother asked me if it could be from the Fosamax, because she is taking Actonel, and her informational sheet had warnings about calling your MD if you experience sudden onset of joint or muscle pain with taking the med. Sure enough, I went back and reviewed the informational sheet for Fosamax, and found the same warning! Go figure it... an 80 y.o. picking up on this, and not an RN of 30 yrs... Regardless, I called my MD, and questioned the possibility of the pain being related to the Fosamax. He immediately said there was no correlation, and ordered labs. to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and some other immunosuppressive disorders. Yesterday his office called to schedule an appt. for 3 wks. from now. When I asked what the reason for the appt. was, the caller didn't know! Needless to say, I have been searching for info. about Fosamax and with reading the previous comments, I am almost certainly convinced that there is definitely a correlation between the med. and my sudden onset of symptoms (which are only mildly relieved with max. doses of ibuprofen). I plan to continue to monitor my symptoms until my appt. in 3 wks. and will probably discontinue the med. after that time. As with the others: diet, exercise, supplemental minerals and vitamins may have to be the plan for the future. Hopefully the pain and debilitating symptoms will resolve.

I was very interested to read all of the comments. My 80yr old mother was prescibed Fosamax 2 yrs ago and can now hardly eat anything other than soups or liquids because of the damage done to her oesphogaus.Chewing meat is out of the question, think very carefully before taking this drug.

After reading the above comments, I am ready to quit taking Fosamax. About four years ago, and reports of Osetopenia, my doctor put me on the Fosamax. It improved the osteopenia according to the tests, but, I hurt in my whole body and have no energy. Once, thought I was having a heart attack, test proved my heart was good. I asked my doctor if it was my Esaphegus? and he said it would react like a heart attack. So, I asked if the Fosamax could cause it and he told me "No". Also, if I eat rich food on the day I take the Fosamax, later that night, I sometimes burp air and start hurting in my lower chest until I start throwing up. I have never had a problem with eating rich foods. Common sense is telling me to quit taking the Fosamax. I have balance problems and have had three bad falls in the last year, and was thankful that I was taking the Fosamax. What is one to do????????

I started taking Fosamax January 2006. I initially had flu like symptoms lasting 3 days for the first 4 doses of the drug. After 3 months, I noticed my cuticles began to change - became very tender and sore and hardened. After five months of taking the drug, I began to have keratotic papules develop over the distal joints of my fingers, then they spread to the middle joints of the fingers. I have had unexplained rashes on my arm and then developed reddened rash on my eyelids. I went to a dermatologist, he biopsied one of the lesions on my finger joint and he asked me to participate in case rounds at Brown University. I have now been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease - dermatomyolitis. This is serious. I read about this disorder and discovered that it can be induced by drugs. I am not seeking a rheumatologist and have stopped Fosamax.

sorry - above comment should read that I am NOW seeking a rheumtologist consult and stopped taking the Fosamax in November. I am upset that this drug will stay in my bones for 10.5 years. Has anyone had any dermatologic side effects or effects similar to mine?

I am a 69 year old male who has been taking Fosamax for three years. Treatment began after low DEXA readings and family history (father had Paget's Disease). A month ago, I fell from ladder with resulting leg fracture. Surgeon recommended discontinuing Fosamax during healing. Have not experienced the gum and other problems as described in other posts, but I don't plan to resume the Fosamax. Will stick with calcium, magnesium and gluosamine.

I am 51 years old, and was diagnosed thru a DEXA this summer with osteopenia in my left hip, and lumbar region. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, and was told this is common in post menapausal women. I was shocked as I am a big dairy consumer, and take a calcium supplement. I started Fosamax, and noticed at first extreme tiredness on the day I took it..Then my knees started aching to the point it would wake me in the night.
In the morning, I started hobbling like my 84 year old mother in law because my feet and knees hurt so bad, I could hardly move in the morning. I began to feel numbness in my right calf and arm. I mentioned this to my doctor, and he said it must be osteoarthritis, as osteopenia doesn't cause pain. I have also noticed chest pains.
My teeth began to collect more tartar, and I am a nut at taking care of them. I mentioned this to my dentist, and when they ask if take any meds, I mentioned Fosamax, and HE encouraged me to read this. I am stopping immediately, and printing out these articles and taking them to my md.

My mom have been taking Fosamax for 8 years and in the last year have been diagnose with low platelets problem and MDS. I was very interested in reading comment #16 from James Barton. I am going to bring that to the doctor's attention. Has anyone else have the same problems with their blood being abnormal or bone marrow?

After reading all the comments on this and other similar websites, my husband has discontinued Fosamax and his symptoms (tiredness, aching joints and extreme pain in his hip which lead to him almost falling over on several occasions) have all disappeared.
May I wish you all a happy Christmas and a very happy, healthy Fosamax free new year!

My 82yo Mom had a bone density test in November and her Dr. put her on Fosamax weekly. After the first dose she noticed some minor pain and tingling..we left for vacation and she took her second dose. She felt a little light headed and more aches and pains, and became fatigued easily, but thought it may be from being active on vacation. Then took her third dose the day before we were returning home. The next day she had a severe nose bleed that lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes. She then came down with a severe sinus infection, hip and foot pain. Her legs have been "jumpy" at night and she is unable to sleep. She has been off Fosamax for a week and a half, and is feeling marginally better. She rarely had sinus infections prior to this, and none has been this severe before. She seems weaker and more tired now than when she had a minor bout with pneumonia 6 months ago.

After eating some rich foods on Christmas day, I spent the whole night having acid reflux problems with severe burning in the throat, chest etc. I had open heart surgery 5 years ago and thought that probably I was having heart problems again.
I had taken the Fosamax in the morning per instructions and also my medication for Protonix. I considered going to the immergency room at the hospital but said prayers and made it through until I decided to go on the internet to see what I could find out about this drug.
All my life I have had problems with taking any meds and upon testing, they say I am not allergic to them but highly sensitive to most. Upon reading these comments I plan to discontinue Fosamax and pray that my esophagus has not been damaged.
I have been taking Fosamax for several months and developed pain in my elbows which doctor attributed to having golf elbow. I'm sorry, but I have been lifting weights for years and never had a problem before taking this drug although doctor claims that it has nothing to do with this pain. Stiffness and pains in other joints have increased also. Instead of after Christmas shopping, I will be spending my days at the doctor's office or hospital proving that the discomfort was due to Fosamax and not my heart etc.

I am 61 years old. I work 40 hours a week and plan to continue doing so until my 66th. birthday. I am in generally excellent health. Recently,I had a bone density test and was advised by my primary care physician to start taking Fosamax. I work in a medical research field and decided to research Fosamax before filling my prescription. Good grief, after reading all of the aforementioned horror stories, I will not be filling my prescription.

My current regimen is this: I walk two miles a day with my dog, take a Woman's 50+ vitamin (1500 mg calcium and Vitamin D combination), 400 mg. of Vitamin E, plus take Juice Plus. I think my regimen is going to benefit me far more than increasing Merck and Company, Inc's (the manufacturer of Fosamax) profit margin.

I'm going to do some research on the clinical trials on the Fosamax drug. I'll report my findings to this site upon completion of my research.


Thanks for this site. A doctor just prescribed Fosamax for my 86 yr old mother-in-law. We have not filled the prescription and aren't going to.

Two days ago she had a major tooth extraction of an infected tooth that ended up breaking off and the dentist had to drill into the bone. She's going to be having quite a bit more dental work done.

I informed the doctor today of all of this and yet he apparently is not aware of the warning to not take this drug especially after extractions!

Thank God and Gates for the internet, knowledge is power and we have to protect ourselves. I always research any prescribed drugs now since they killed my grandmother a couple years ago. Damn doctors, damn drugs.

I've been on Fosamax for only six weeks and already have experienced hip pain that wakes me up at night. That's not what's really bothering me, though. I feel as if I am in a constant state of PMS. Anyone else feel this way after starting Fosamax?

I am 37 years old. As a result of short term steriod use for crohn's disease, I was diagnosed with ostiopenia. I started taking actonel and now am on a low dose of fosomax. I am reading this posts and getting quite worried. The posts I have read involve post menepausal women. Is there anyone out there who is not post menepauseal. I am concerned about the long term effects. I could be on this drug for the next 60 years. And that is a little scary. Also have they done any long term studies, does anyone know?

I am a 29 years old male and I have Ankylosing Spondylitis,an auto-immune disease that effects the joints. I also have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and was prescribed Fosamax. I have been taking fosamax for about 3 months. The very first day I took the drug, I had bone pain in my right fingers about 12 hours later. It was very severe pain and I will rule out any other cause. It was radiant and it WAS BONE PAIN! I have had pain in my ribs, but recently I am having a tightness pain in my jaw and have been having a headache along with the jaw pain. It feels almost like a toothache, but there is one thing, I HAVE NO TEETH. I will be talking to my rheumatologist about this to see if I could be getting ONJ or TMJ. We'll see.

Recently my 83 year old mom began taking phosomex and arimidex subsequent to diagnosis of breast cancer with possible metastisis to bones. Significant and severe memory issues manifested a few months after beginning arimidex which we have now discontinued, with the apparent result after 5 or 6 weeks of no further memory deteriouation and possible reversal of the problem. Recetly mom was awakend in the early hours of the morning mabe 20 hours after taking her weekly dose of phosamex with extreme pain in her entire right legg. She indicated the bone itself hurt and that it was not position sensitive and not worsened by walking. After some time she thought to take asprin which had the apparent effect of reducing the pain and then stopping it all together after about one hour. (As the pain was stoppoing and greatly reduced it would fluctuate with short bursts of greater pain) It has not recurred, but she has not yet taken her next weekly dose of phosamax. Has anyone had similar experiences of pain in an entire area (in her case pain in the entire legg, upper and lower, that was not possible to localize to one spot) within hours or a day of taking this med? I am interested to learn how much time delay between dosage and the symptoms and if this pain in the entire limb as opposed to one bone or part of a bone is typical of bone pain in general or of phosamax pain in particular. Mom also experienced sudden crown failure with a molar that split in half at a weak spot after being on this drug a short time----but to be fair the tooth was crowned and weakened at least 30 years ago and there could have been other causes for this since decay under the crown would have weakend it reinforcing effect on the weakend underlying tooth.

I am 55 and have been on Fosamax for 1 year due to positive DEXA scan. Besides strong family history of osteoporosis and being menopausal, I have taken Aldactone for the past 3 years for facial hair so that my testosterone level is now low-normal but Aldactone has probably contributed to the osteoporosis. I have had osteoarthritis for several years so can't really say I am any more stiff or achy since starting Fosamax. It seems that I have lost muscle tone and strength just since starting Fosamax even though I continue to workout. Two of my teeth have cracked and chiped in the last 4 months and required refilling which is unusual for me since I have required only 1 other filling in the past 30 years. I have had hair loss on my scalp which my dermatologist says may be an autoimmune disorder. It is growing back in now because of treatment with DNCB. I wonder if the hair loss could have been caused by mercury in the amalgam tooth fillings. I am really careful to get 1500 mg of calcium each day mostly through skim milk so am seriously considering stopping Fosamax if my scan 2 weeks from now is improved.

I have been on foxamax for just three weeks.Taken 3 pills. I couldn't understand after only one week, all my bones hurt and neck went as stiff as a board.
I kept taking them once a week.When I looked it up on internet and saw that I wasn't the only one suffering so bad.I was due to take my forth pill today but no more. I told my doctor, she told me to stop taking them.Which I was doing anyway.
My neck is so stiff, my knees hurt and my back has terrible pains. I simply am in agony. I am 59 years old and was borderline with ost.. I am going to now drinking more milk and taking more Calcium with Vit D. I have always been active and walk alot and have an active job. Which I haven;t been able to go to for 2 weeks. Canno lift anything with the terrible neck pain.
Haven't walked this year yet,and it is 3rd week of January. I walk every evening even in the cold Canadian weather. I am hoping this gets out of my system quickly, as I was one of the lucky ones and only took 3 pills.
God help anyone else who has been on it for longer

Two years ago, when I was 50, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and was put on Fosamax. I have recently learned that I have osteoarthritis in my spine. Has anyone learned anything further about a possible link between fosamax and osteoarthritis? Has anyone had any tests to determine whether the two may be related?

I had been taking fosamax for approximately 5 years. My mother had osteoperosis and my initial bone density test around the age of 50 indicated that I had osteopenia in my wrist, a pre-cursor to osteoperosis. I started taking fosamax and within a year or so, I started having bone deterioration with my teeth in my upper right and left gums. My teeth have always just been "ok," but this was a new and puzzling occurrence to my dentist. I have always gone to the dentist regularly every 6
months. I had periodontal surgery on my gums twice on the upper right side and once on the upper left side. My regular dentist informed me that he had three other women patients in their early fifties who were also having these same issues. He informed me that the one common factor among all of us was that we all had been taking fosamax for at least a year. I should also say that I had a repeat bone density test after I had been taking fosamx for about 3 years in combination with 2 calcium tablets per day and that my second bone density test showed no change either way from my first test three years earlier. I stopped taking fosamax about three months ago. I want to see if my dental bone structure at the very least stabilizes over the next year. If anyone else has similar dental issues, I'd be very interested in hearing your stories.

I am so thrilled to have found this site and all of your comments. I am 40 and in surgical menopause, I was prescribed Fosamax for obvious reasons. I took my first pill this morning and I had a feeling in my chest within an hour of taking it and have been experiencing bronchial type symptoms, coughing up and heaviness in my chest. I was leary of taking this but my husband urged me to get on it and the calcium so I reluctantly did but after feeling this way I grabbed the insert to read the effects of this medication and after that decided to do some research. I thank you all so very much for taking the time to post the info so that others can find a place to realize what we are experiencing isnt in our heads. I really wonder if doctors think about what they are prescribing or do they do it just to shut us up! I inadvertantly came across several attorneys for Fosamax side effects by googling the word. Obviously I will not need it but for all of you who have had years of pain and loss I hope you can get some retribution or guidance...
Thank you

My husband wanted me to add that he didnt want me to take it!

Hi Kristine, I guess we are two of the luckier ones, that found out fast about this pill.It is almost 5 weeks since I took my first foxamax, still have some neck pain but most of other pains seems to have gone.The neck pain stiffness has eased considrable but still not completely gone.Am going back to work today, just hope it doesn't irritate the neck, as I do alot of lifting.Good luck to you and hope you haven't suffered with just the one pill...

Just visited my mother,86yrs.
who lives on her own and for past 3 yrs has had breathing problems,shortness of breath in particular, spontaneous bone fractures. and uncontrollable whole body itch. Her Doc.has done every test and all normal.Only by chance I found out,that she has been taking fosamax for past 8 years weekly, with doctor saying these problems not related to any of her medication.Over xmas stopped all with only slight improvement of back pain but now will do all to tell her friends to not accept these symptoms as nothing and is armed with info. for next dr. appointment. Anyone out there who can help her with the itch as unable to get into a bath and unable to sleep because of it.

Unable to have surgery on teeth due to being on Fosamax for two years. The dentist will not touch me. Didn't realize what Fosamax was doing to me until I went off it for two weeks. I was really stiff and didn't realize it until I stopped taking it.

Has anyone had eye burning and more eye infections? Fosamax is the only drug I take. The optomotrist says my eyes are fine but they certainly don't feel fine even after using natural tears, and antibiotic eye drops when indicated .

My 10 year old daughter that has Jra has osteoperosis and the doctors wanted to prescribe her Fosamax. I'm saying no. Does anyone have an opinion about wether it would be the right thing for a 10 year old ?

Okay, have read all the comments, and now want to ask if anyone has noticed severe and chronic coughing when they take fosamax? I have taken 35 mg. for a couple of years (am in the low normal range of bone density for my age, but Doctor thought it was good "preventative" medicine, as my levels improved when checked.) I sometimes forget to take it, as in last week, and didn't notice a great deal of coughing. I should say that I have noticed coughing over the past few years, to the extent that I went to my doctor for a lung Xray, and lung function test. I am perfectly normal. I remembered to take fosamax this morning, and I have coughed incessantly all day long. Has anyone experienced this side effect, and why the hell didn't I know about all of this before I started to take this stuff???!@#! thanks.

Update to post #56...

So it has been about a month & a half since my 82yo Mom stopped the Fosamax after 3 doses. She is feeling better, and now realizes she has other symptoms as well, including extreme tiredness, hip pain (in her good hip, not the hip she had replaced years ago), phantom and somewhat intense pain in her feet, and some increase hair loss in addition to her extreme nose bleed and severe sinus infection.

She still has some occasional strange sensations in her feet (she is not diabetic) and fleeting hip pain, but is much improved and almost back to normal. Thank goodness she only took 3 pills!

I read plenty coments about fozamax.I take it for a 3 years i fill very sic my troat and may mouth burning all day and night and my liver is not good to.I stop it in 2004 and I start suffer to mach in 2006. it is a very dangerous drug.Now I looking for someting can help my.
Oh God help everyone

To #54 (Sue), I also had a low blood platelet count last year after 2 years on Fosamax. About a month after stopping Fosamax for other reasons, my platelet count was normal again.

Can anyone answer my previous question about peripheral nerve damage in the legs and feet related to Fosamax? There is no change 4 months after stopping Fosamax. Neurologist says the drug is not the cause.

I have been on Fosamax for four years and have been getting a lot of joint and muscle pain to the point where I now limp, got a new foam-type mattress to help with pain at night, and have asked my MD for suggestions on exercises I can do since I had a lot of pain trying yoga, bike riding, even walking. Her response was "find something you can do and do it." Other doctors have taken x-rays and say nothing is wrong after I had complained of knee or ankle pain and basically implied it was all in my head or maybe arthritis. I was physically very active in my 40s and half of my 50s and now can hardly move after sitting or sleeping.

A week ago I had a whiplash accident and went to a chiropractor because of my neck and knee. He noticed I was extremely tender to the touch in many areas, asked how long I had been that way and what my diet and medications were. It was then that I first noticed a correlation between the increasing pain and my taking Fosamax. I thought the initial joint or muscle pain meant I really did need a "bone" drug and that my worsening pain was just "old age."

It was just a few days ago I did a web search on Fosamax and noticed the problems people were having.

A dental hygenist who is a friend of a friend had told me last year that it was bad stuff and to get off it but didn't tell me any symptoms that I would have immediately recognized.

I, like others on this site, have turned from an active, athletic person to a 60-year old "80-year-old." I plan to stop the drug and see if I get an improvement in my pain, and take additional supplements to compensate.

I am 54 And have been on Fosamax for about 1&half yrs. As time went on i seemed to get worse with all the pain. legs, hips ,knees, hands and now i seemed to be having such pain in my back & arms. In my back it seems like i have such squeezing Brittle pain . Cant sleep , hurts to breath, trying to comb my hair,hurts to set up or lying down because of the pain being so bad.It also goes up my neck until it gives me a migrain, but i suffered with migrains before.But i dont know if the Fosamax has anything to do with my migraines or not. i have read so many remarks from all of the other people. And i have to say so much seems to hit home with me. But the pain in my back seems to be getting so much worse. i do suffer from so many different illness, that i just don't know which one fits, one or the other. only that i am in so much pain, And i am in so much more since i have started the Foxamax. I am going to go off the Fosamax for awhile to see if i notice any differness. NO, i havent talk to my dr. about it yet. but i will when i go back. I have to go every 3 month's anyway. i just know that the pain is just driving me up the wall. I just know that all that i have read seems to fit me right to a tee. Have any of you suffered with your back and down your spine like i have said please let me know. Or what you think about me stoping the Fosamax 70mg. once a week. I do suffer with, Bronchial asmatic ,Plorisye, Acid Reflux ,Arthritis ,Heart palpations, Restless L.S.,So weak And tired all the time. I have been tested for Osteoporosis & tested high.

I have been on fosamax for 8yrs. Lately I have been suffering with intense knee and leg pain, I do know I have osteo arthritis, but it all of a sudden became quite intense this past month. My arms, joints, to the extent that I stiffen up so badly, it is difficult to walk. The Dr. says that since I have been off the drug for three weeks, and I still have these symptoms, then it is not the drug that is causing the problem, and recommends I continue with the fosamax as without it I will lose more bone density. What are we to do, rather damned if we do, and damned if we don't

I was just put on Fosamax (took my first does last week) and so far I feel no side effects..however, after reading all of these threads about all the negative side effects, I have second thoughts about staying on it.
My bone scan (I am 52) showed some issues with my hips (my spine is OK)
It seems that doc's are so quick on giving out the drugs these days..I think they get kick backs from pharm. companies. Does anyone agree??

I took both Fosamax and Actenol for 3 years with NO
improvment in the hip area,
as a matter of fact the hip area worsened. I ached from head to toe, developed TMJ,
tinnitus, and vertigo. I refuse to take this poison,
and my dentist will NOT work on me IF I ever start taking them again. I am 57 and feel
like 87, and its NOT FAIR
that these drug companies
and Drs will NOT listen to
women. These drugs are harming people, and in another ten years, it will
be just like Viox and Baycol
which have been recalled.
Please, be careful if you decide to take these drugs

I also, am taking Arimidex for stage one breast cancer AND Fosamax for two years. I'm now 56 and feeling like 100. Everything hurts from the neck down. I have upper back muscle strains, osteo penia and 3 or 4 herniated discs. I have lost so much strength. I had 50 sessions of physical therapy last year and can barely do the home program that I have learned. I believe I am suffering from both of these drugs. I'm afraid to stop the cancer drug but Fosamax has got to go. I cannot make it through a dinner out of the house, or a movie not to mention work. I just pray that this is not permanent damage. I have been going downhill all this time. Thanks to this site at least I know what none of the Drs. did. This is a drug side effect.

I'm so thankful for this web site. I have been taking Fosamax for over a year after being diagnosed with Osteopenia. On my 65th birthday (last May), I noticed pain in lower back in the right hip area. I consulted the internet for back pain that lasts longer than 3 months, tumorous cancer, arthritus, etc. Talked with my Dr. she suggested some exercises, which I did. Went back w/o relief, she scheduled an X-ray. Diagnosis of mild degenerative arthritus, OK so that was the cause of my back pain that was now radiating to both hips. Recently I get out of bed feeling like an old woman, I have so much ankle/joint pain that descending stairs is very painful. I went to the gym today to walk/exercise hoping to get some relief. Talked with a friend who suggested that she takes nothing that isn't organic, including vit. On my own I decided to check out the Fosamax site and there is my answer. I am a firm believer that this medication is related to the problems I have been experiencing for nearly a year. Thank goodness I haven't noticed some of the symptoms mentioned above, but the ankle, elbow and back pain has been around long enough. Just another note regarding medications that are supposed to HELP. Our friend took Lithium for years for depression, he is 64 in a wheelchair, barely understandable with his speech, has Parkinson' type symptoms, needs help doing everything....because of that drug over the years. I'm thoroughly convinced that we need to be aggressive advocates of our own health. Check out before taking the leap. Hopefully my aches will subside in the near future when I discontinue use of the Fosamax. Thanks again for helping to make my mind up. Deanna

My aunt was on Foxomax and now she is having pain all over her body. It is very difficult for her to be out of bed in the morning. My mother was on Actonel and after carefully reading the paper that this prescription has from the pharmaceutical, we realized that the pain that she was having could be because Actonel. She stopped taking Actonel and the pain was gone. Two other friends are in Foxomax and they are having pain on ther bones and joints, sadly they do not want to stop taking it.

first day i took it i was mildly
nauseous, the second day i developed
heartburn, the third day the heartburn
got much worse. i called the doctor's
office and they told me to stop taking

I took fosamax twice. Within 12 hours of my second dose I became all but incapacitated. I could not move my head to the right or left. My right knee swelled to 3 times its normal size, developed a large fist-like knot in the back that hurt to touch and the knee would not bend. This was in addition to the deep all over bone pain I felt. Four days since my dose I am starting to be able to walk again, though I hurt all over. All the doctors can say is that the drug has a long half life and it'll be "a while" before I am normal again. Then they want to try other brands. You can bet I'm afraid to.

I took fosamax for just over 12 months after being diagnosed with osterporosis. I was never real happy taking it. I had a retinal detachment after just 4 doses, which required laser surgery. There was no other cause for this, so I began to wonder about the effects of the Fosamax. Then I began to experience jaw pain, hip pain and more recently a very painfull elbow. I have logged onto this site before, and noticed that many other people taking fosamax have had similar side effects. I have thought long and hard, and finally decided two weeks ago to cease taking it. The jaw pain has ceased, and the elbow is slowly getting better. I feel the side effects are worse than the condition. I have a diet high in calcium. I take calcium, magnesium, and glucosamine supplements. I also go to the gym, aerobics and walk regularly. I am 58 years old and want to enjoy my life. I hope I have done the right thing!

Good for you. Like so many othe women we are finding out these drugs do not help our bones. Took Fosamax and
Actenol for 3 years and my
bones became more brittle,
developed TMJ, vertigo and
tinnitus and ached from head to toe. Also, my dentis will not work on me if I continue
with these meds. Keep up
the good work and GOOD HEALTH TO YOU

Been taking Fosamax for 4 1/2 months and have recently been noticing some hip pain upon awakening. Also had a tooth fracture and am experiencing some aching in my molars. I have osteoporisis and am taking prednisone daily but after reading everything on this site I am quitting the Fosamax.

After reading many of the comments I just wanted to jump in as one more person who feels that Fosamax has caused major problems. Although it occurs mainly at night when I try to rest the pain in my shoulders/muscles is almost unbearable. I have also experienced overall body pain in joints and muscles. Like many of you complaining to others becomes tiresome so to have some validatation from simliar experiences via this forum makes me not feel so alone. I have been on Fosamax for 20 months but will now stop. The doc is SO adamant about taking it that I fear he will be mad at me. If I can get my life back however I will do anything! Any class action count me in!

Went on Fosamax when bone density showed beginnings of osteoporosis. Took 6 months and began to have pain in hip and knee, which seemed a questionable cooincidence.
Dr. said discontinue for a couple of weeks and if it didn't go away it was arthritis. I discontinued and it has not gone away after 7 months.
I will not take Fosamax again, but instead have made sure I take the required calcium and vitamin D supplement, which is 1200-1500 mg. of calcium and 800 units of vitamin D for older adults and those 70+. In order to get the proper amount, you need to determine how much for your particular age. Also, from what I have read, vitamin K is required for calcium absorption, so you should find out if your multiple vitamin includes it. I still have pain and stiffness but hoping to recover with my own regimen.
Do you think it is possible that patients may not be taking adequate calcium while on Fosamax? New bone has to get calcium from somewhere, so logically it pulls calcium from somewhere else: other joints, teeth, jaw, etc.
Also, my understanding is that the bone made from taking Fosamax is brittle and doesn't necessarily guard against bone fractures.
Doctors get their information from pharmaceutical salesmen who are peddling their product, and aren't necessarily totally informed about any product, but instead depend on feedback from patients.
My advice is to research before taking any product and never take it when it is new on the market.
These are my opinions and you should do your own research to determine what path you should choose.

After being diagnoised with osteoprosis, and taking foxomax,then actenol,with g i side effects. Next for 1 year on aredia IV with no improvement in my T score I went to an Endocrinegoloist in another town.
She immediately started me on injections of PTH or FORETO.
I had positive results but was only allowed to use the daily injections for 2 years.
Now to maintain the bone density I have built these past 2 years I have to take a biophate..... here lies one of my problems...
I was restarted on BONIVA once monthy . After only 7 months on the drug I experienced some major symptoms. Dizzyness, heart paplpations,high blood pressure, fatigue,eye scluritis ( blood vessels broken in my eye) and the usual bone, muscle pain.
After seeing my Internist and being referred for a cardiology workup, I realiazed BONIVA was the culprit!!.
So as the medical bills come in for the heart cath etc, I realiaze I am back to zero!!
What can I take to maintain the bone density I rebuilt while on PHT injections....

This is the same problem I was facing, take Forteo for two years, build bone, but then take Fosamax for life???
Not me!!!! I decided no Forteo as my insurance will not cover it, so I am doing
the natural way, magnesium
calcium (thru diet for me)
Vitamin D, Vitamin K and
lots and lots of exercise.
Good luck to you. I am
printing all of these
posts and will show my
dear dr (who thinks I am
crazy) what other women are
saying about this lousy drug

In response to your question
as to whether or not
Fosamax makes bones worse....
I have read that it does make them more brittle. While it may grow more bones, they
become more brittle. I have done so much research on this
and forgot where I read it, but I will forward it to this
forum when I find it. Also
you may be interested in another forum called Just search the word Fosamax and you will
see hundred of women who have
suffered at the hands of this drug. Good luck to you

Ruby us Very interesting forum

I had a density test in Aug & was at a minus, my doctor immediately put me on FosamaxD. I started noticing heart flutters, I chalked it up to my stressful job which I dislike very much. Then I started noticing that when I ate it felt like the food was getting stuck in the middle of my chest, I drank water to clear the food then I noticed a burning. Very rarely do I sleep through the night, but now the burning was waking me up. I called the doctor & spoke to the nurse practioner, she suggested that I stop for 2 weeks & call back. That was last week. The burning has decreased and I don't feel like I have a lump in the middle of my chest. My concern here is that if I don't go back on the Fosamax, what will happen to my bones. I did break my toe in Sept, I have never had a broken bone before.

My mother has been on for a year. She had compression fractures in her back. She still has pain and now developed problems with pressure in her eye....yet another wonderful side effect of this horrible class of drugs. I finally convinced her to go off.
Read the article at (search fosamax or osteoperosis). This article explains how this drug is really working AGAINST us in keeping our bones healthy.
Also check out
It is a long article but talks about how this drug doesn't GROW bone, but uses "dead" bone to make the bones LOOK THICKER yet evidence shows they are more brittle after fosamax.
My advice to all..NEVER take this poision...if on it, get off TODAY! Tell your Dr. YOU have taken the time to do the research THEY should be doing and have made your OWN decision to not take such huge risks...and lose your quality of life.
Good luck to all.
WHY this drug is still on the market blows my is just like cigarettes. Too much money being thrown around...Think about how many ads in magazines and tv you see for this stuff...Would any news media DARE to speak out against it? Not when it's paying the bills...isn't that convenient. Just like Statin druge (liptior, crestor)..more toxic legal poision being pushed by our drs...

I've been on Fosamax for 3 years now with some improvement shown in bone density. Just recently I have developed "trigger" finger in both middle fingers. Does anyone know whether this might be a result of Fosamax? It is, so far, the only adverse skeletal symptom, although I have lots of things going on in my back, but they are long-standing.

Ihave been on Fosamax since mid 2005 after being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age44. I have recently been experiencing anxiety attacks and insomnia, which seems to be worse on the days I take fosamax. I am now taking antidepressants to deal with this and have discontinued fosamax. Has anyone else had any symptoms such as these?

I am an active 64-yr-old female, a full-time caregiver for my handicapped child. We both have osteoporosis problems, so I walk, jog, and do weights, and I walk with and exercise my daughter.

I took Forteo for 2 years with good results; my daughter took it for 1 year with plummeting, disastrous results. (To be fair, she has hormone problems and medications that could have interfered.)

After the Forteo, I returned to taking Fosamax, but started having severe leg muscle pain that interferes with taking care of my daughter. I spend a lot of time standing. The aching starts at my hips and goes down the back of my legs. I wake up feeling OK, but when the aching starts, I can only do the minimum to sustain life. When my legs ache, my life is a misery.

I have been taking Tylenol and Ibuprophen (maximum dose) that hits it somewhat, but then it wears off.

I have seen my primary care doctor, an endocrinologist and a rheumatologist with no help.

Thanks to this site, it looks like some random symptoms I had in the past as well as the present leg aches are due to Fosamax side effects.

Today I stopped the weekly Fosamax in the hope that the symptoms will subside in a reasonable time- that there hasn't been permanent damage.

I have read with much interest what all of you have wrote and now I am really wondering if the Fosamax is the problem or if it is my COPD. I have been taking this drug for 2 years for osteoporosis and this is what I am seeing. Lowerback,chest,rib, and shoulder pain. Jaws feel like they are being pulled on at times almostlike they are cramping so bad you want to cry.My energy level is low and I was a very energetic person before. I go to pulmonary therapy twice a week and usually that is it for the day. Swelling in hands and feet along with cramping. Also my thnbs hurt so bad at times I can't use them. My legs shake so bad trying to bend over or do stairs and this just started about 2 monthes ago.Sometimes when I swallow it feels like something is stuck in my chest. Also when I was in the hospital in Nov. of 2006 my blood counts were off , had elevated heart rate and could hear my heart in my head. My heart is good and they never really figured it out. They blame all of this on my lungs. I will keep reading your input and am going to share it with my Dr. who just told me the other day that he hasn't heard anything bad about Fosamax.

I have posted earlier but want to interject that the docs really push Fosamax, almost as if you are to not question it. I asked my pharmacist about it and he gave me a patient information leaflet which in fine print addresses the muscle, bone and joint pain that CAN be a side effect although they say it's rare. Maybe it's just not that rare but we dismiss our pain until we can't stand it ......... could that be the case? It took me 20 months to research it!

I am 54 years old, i had a bone density test and my doctor said i had very bad bones and that i had to take fosomax. Plus a calcium supplement. I was always very active. After taking fosomax i developed pain in my knees that continued to worsen. I had severe pain and stiffness in my knees. I can hardly walk. If i sit for just 5 minutes they stiffen and i can hardly stand up. I went to the doctors and had x-rays and all kinds of blood work. They could not find anything wrong. They told me it could be arthiritis. They sent me to a rheumalogist. Again couldnt find anything and sent me home with pain pills to take. I have stopped taking fosomax. Its been 6 months and i still suffer. I can barely get out of bed in the morning from the stiffness and pain in my knees. I feel like a cripple. I can barely work. How long will these symptoms last? If there are anyone suffering from these symptoms please let me know.

Having been on Fosamax for almost 6 years after a crush fractor of my T6 I have endured severe gut and low back pain also intense rib pain..making sleep an issue, barely being able to get out of bed in the mornings and feeling so unwell, I went to a naturopath who suggested I research Fosamax, having done so I made the decision to come off it (7 weeks ago) hopefully the pain will ease in time but the question is "how long". Like so many of you the X-Rays and bloods are ok, the doctors answer is pain relief definitely not the Fosamax???

I took Fosamax for a year but was put on a different medication after continuting to lose bone mass, even with the Fosamax.

I don't recall having any particular pains, but don't really remember and probably wouldn't have made a connection with the medicine. After reading some of these messages, though, I would never consider using it again.

I just want to caution the people who decide to take calcium to prevent or reverse bone loss: YOU HAVE TO DO WEIGHT BEARING EXERCISE along with taking calcium to get results. While calcium is necessary for health, it is not likely to prevent bone loss without exercise.

I have taken 2 - once a week Fosamax and have been through a week of terrible pain. My neck is so stiff that I can't turn my head up or down or sideways. I have pain in my hands and feet. I haven't been able to sleep due to an excruiating pain that goes up into my head. It is so bad that I have to yell. I will never, ever take Fosamax, Actonel, or any other of that type of medication. I think that no one should EVER take those drugs. I have had this pain for a week. How long will it
take to get rid of this pain from only 2 tablets?

Sorry to hear you are in such pain. It shouldnt take too
long for the pains to subside.
Am glad you stopped taking this poison. Hot baths,
motrin worked for me. I took it for three years, and still have some problems. Fortunately, you found out
sooner than later. Good health to you

In February, 2006 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. At the time I was put on Enbrel and Fosamax because rheumatoid arthritis destroys bone. In June my elbows started hurting and they have hurt every day since. Then my hands and feet started burning. I got a second opinion because I was getting worse and worse and I felt the first rheumatologist was missing something. I started having hip pain, neck pain and upper back pain. The second rheumatologist thought I didn't have RA but wasn't sure what I have. She sent me to a neurologist for an MRI of my brain and neck. It was normal. I went to an orthopedic surgeon for my painful knees, it was normal. He did mention that Fosamax can cause bone pain. I took myself off the medicine immediately. All my blood work is normal. I am now waiting for the results of yet another MRI. I mentioned to my doctor if the Fosamax could have done this and he said that it was rare. I am in constant pain and I hurt just typing this email. One doctor mentioned fibromyalgia but I am not sure that is what it is. I have learned so much this past year about doctors and drugs. I feel they push the drugs too quickly. I learned it was my responsibility to decide what drugs I want in my body. I have been off Fosamax now for four weeks and no relief from the pain yet. The pharmacist said it would take months. I have found the pharmasist is a wonderful resource. This drug has a half life that lasts for years. This is the biggest mistake I have ever made going on this drug. I am glad I am off of it.

Sorry to hear you have been a "victim" also, and hope you will start feeling better soon. Isnt is amazing that
the pharmacists know more about drugs than our own dr's.
Really makes me wonder if the
drs are nothing but drug pushers. Take care

There was an article in our paper today from the Associated Press concerning drug companies and doctors. One thing that I found most interesting was the paragraph stating that 90% of the $21 billion annual marketing budget is spent on doctors. There is no doubt in my mind that doctors make money off prescribing drugs. I was diagnosed with rhuematoid arthritis when none of the tests were positive for it. The only symptom I had was sore knees, because I was training for a marathon. I was put on the awful drugs Enbrel and Fosamax and my life has completely fallen apart since then. I was kept on these drugs even when I was getting worse and the symptoms were not what are the common symptoms for RA. One and a half years ago I was training for a marathon and today I can barely get up the stairs. I feel like I have aged twenty years in the past year. Did I mention that I also have a frozen shoulder and that my fatigue is beyond belief?

Wow--am I glad I found this website! I've been on Actonel for 4 years and recently had to switch to Fosamax for insurance reasons. All the "little things" I've noticed over the years but never made the connection now make sense to me. I've developed "trigger finger", recently had a small retinal tear and now have a permanent "floater" in my field of vision, my dentist says I'm losing bone around two teeth and I've been awakened about once a week with what I guess is acid reflux--which I've never had in my life--all things I've seen in comments posted here. I just renewed my prescription and I think I'll chuck it and try the suggestions I've read here--more calcium, Vitamins D and K and exercise. Thanks to everyone for opening my eyes!

Try Strontium Ranelate - Protos.
No side effects so far and it operates on both the osteoblasts and osteoclasts - better than the bisphosphonates. Plenty of internet reference to this drug.
No interest in the product, just happy with it.

I have advanced Prostate Cancer, but it has not metasticised into the bones. Biophosohnates are discussed at length on the PC_Help website with comments similar to those found here. I, too, tried Evista for a while for bone health and to get rid of hot flashes. I stopped as hot flashes continued. I am now taking 2,000+ IU of Vit D, and 1000+ mg Calcium. My dr. wanted me to take Fosamax and I refused. I tried to get him to order a bone density test for me, but he refused, saying Medicare will only pay every 18 mos.
I say "Amen" to all you people who refuse to take Actonel or Fosamax.

Lora, of December 26, 2006. I also have very sore elbows and I have been working out with weights for over eight years. Have your elbows improved at all since you stopped taking Fosamax? I have to say my elbows feel better after being off Fosamax for four weeks. There were times I couldn't brush my teeth because I couldn't lift my arm. Did anyone get numbness in the jaw and throat? That also has gone away in the last four weeks. My hips hurt so badly at times that I can barely walk. Finding this website has, I think, saved my life. I had one doctor tell me to see a psychiatrist when I started talking about all my aches and pains. I fired that doctor.

My mother was just diagnosed with osteporosis and the dr prescribed fosamax once a week.. She took her first pill yesterday morning and was in severe pain all night (mostly her back and ribs); I researched to see if this was a side effect and came across this website and a few others about lawsuits and was shocked! I took her to the dr this morning and he told her to stop taking it tho he refused to acknowledge that it is the fosamax that has her in such pain, saying he has to run more tests. (He also refused to look at the information I had printed from this website and others.) He prescribed a painkiller that has eased it somewhat, tho she now has pain in her legs this evening. I'm wondering how long these effects last and how is it possible these pills are even still available?! I did read that they will have a better lawsuit than for Vioxx against Merck since osteonecrosis of the jaw is very rare and had only been caused before in patients who had been on chemotherapy or undergone radiation treatment
I hope this is good news for those of you who unfortunately suffer from this disease; my prayers will certainly be with you.

I was diagnosed with osteopenia and was put on Fosamax - almost immediately it took two hands just to pick up a glass of water. My hands are still messed up. My sister was on Fosamax for 5 years in which it deformed her hands and she suffered tremendous pain in her neck. She has quit the medicine and like me would rather face osteoporosis than take the medicine. Her hands will never return to normal but her neck is much better.

i've been on fosamax since dec,2006. at that time i developed a very itchy rash on my legs,arms,back,hands and abdomen. i read the insert of side effects. they said it is rare, but sometimes a severe rash can develope. has this happened to anyone. i stopped it for now to see if the rash goes away. i also started a 9 day cleanse,hoping it goes away.any comments on this is appreciated. thanks

I was on Actonel for about 6 months and developed severe stomach pains, symptomatic of an ulcer. My doctor took me off that for a few months and then I started Fosamax. I developed pain in one hip, pain in the joints of my thumbs and elbows but never attributed it to the drug. The pain in my elbows is enough to wake me out of a sound sleep every night. I try to lift weights and do yoga 3 times a week but sometimes don't feel well enough to do that. I am still fairly young (53) but after reading about all of the issues with these drugs I am thinking of stopping my medication. My doctor, who is female, pooh-poohed my concerns about jaw necrosis.

I have been taking Fosamax for a year. About 3 months ago teeth started breaking and falling out. Two have broken away at the gumline and two have broken higher up in the tooth. I find no mention of teeth in connection with Fosamax but my doctors and dentists are completely perplexed about the cause of such dramatic tooth loss.

I am a 52 yr old male and have been on Fosamax for 2 years. I have for some time experienced calf muscle pain which has advanced to the stage where I limp at times. My elbows are very sore to touch or bump but the joints move without pain. My arm muscles have now become so painful I can barely lift an object above waist height. After sitting or lying I suffer excruciating pain throughout my back and neck on rising and sometimes find it almost impossible to do so. My older brother took fosamax for 1 year and has stopped because of the acute pain in his jaw and teeth. The pain has started to reduce considerably after 4 weeks. My other brother has been taking it for 6 months and has started experiencing severe back pain. Is it coincidence or not? Doesn't look like it after perusing this forum.

No, we dont believe its coincidence. But it seems
like the Dr's refuse to believe us. I wonder if the
drs or their wives would take this medicine. If they saw this forum, I doubt very much.
Such a shame we have to suffer
and drs dont believe us.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all who have shared your experience with Fosamax. Were it not for you, I and probably many others would still be struggling with the negative side effects and with the decision to say NO to this medication. I am 67, was diagnosed with osteoporosis 5 weeks ago. The Dr. gave me RX for weekly dosage of 70 mg. tablet. After 2 weeks the muscle and joint pain kicked in, with constant lower back pain. Then it was hip pain, rib pain and my teeth started aching.
I started the research after 3 weeks and thanks to many of you, quit after the fourth pill. It has now been 13 days since my last pill and already I am feeling so much better. The pain has eased significantly.
I will keep up the calcium and exercise program but no more Fosamax or similar drug. Thanks again for sharing your stories and good
health to you!

I was shocked to find that I had osteoporosis, as I am only 49. But I am also bipolar and was informed by my doctor that the meds for that, along with years of smoking (quit 8 years ago) and my intake of diet cola had caused the damage. My bones registered at 3.2-3.4 on the bone scan. I was first placed on Actonel and experienced severe back and shoulder pain. So he switched me to Fosamax Plus D. It happened again. Within 12 hours I was crying with pain. I was instructed to stay on the medication, that the pain would eventually subside. Took the Fosamax yesterday and here I am, staying home from work because of the lack of sleep last night due to the extreme pain in my back, ribs, and shoulders. Does it evenyually go away. I'm a very active woman (with a 13 year old daughter) and too young to be breaking bones. But I'm not sure if I can go through this once a week (the awful pain). What alternatives, if any, are there?

Yes, the pains eventually go away. Try some motrin at night so you can rest and
hot showers. Only alternatives I have tried is
Calcim, Vitamin D, and
exercise. Fosamax and
Actenol are poison to the body. It made my bones MORE brittle after taking them for 3 years. Am glad you caught yours before it is too late

Diets high in protein and salt cause the body to "spend" calcium as it processes protein, salt, and caffeine. When there is not enough calcium availabe in the diet, it "borrows" from another source -- the bones.
7th Day Adventist

I am 56 and my bone density was at the risk so doc prescribed me Fosamax. I took it on Sunday and Monday morning my whole body ached. I thought I was coming down with a flu. I also got feverish and had chest pain so I took half day from work and stayed in bed. Next morning my eyes were very red but I thought it was from my allergy so I went to the eye doc and sure enough she told me it was an allergic reaction but was unable to tell me from what. My eyes were getting better by Saturday and then I took another dosage of Fosamax on Sunday and that is when I found out that my condition was due to the medication because my eyes got worse. Now my eyeballs were swollen and my eyelids double the size. I went to the doc and she told me not to take the med anymore. Too late, my eyes became worse and I had to take Tylenol for the pain. Also put steroid eye drops 4 times a day which I am still continuing. Another Sunday came but no meds and 2 more visits to 2 different eye docs and I am finally getting better. However I still have pain in my middle finger joint I am the lucky one who noticed the side effect early. I thank my eyes for going through risk or I would've thought it was some kind of an aging process.

47 yr old female I was switched from Tomoxifen to Arimadex for treatment of stage 3 breast cancer Was told by Dr.I have to take Fosamax because Arimadex has no bone prtection like Tomoxifen did. Scince I started these 2 drugs together I'm not sure which is the culprit,but I have noticed I could sleep all day the day I take fosamax, I have lower back, knee, And shoulder pain as well as (head aches which I never had before) The bone and muscle pain started during Chemo but was improving, My latest problem now is for the past 2 months my 4th toe on my left foot is very painful it started as burning & itching & became bruised and swollen my PC said it was an injury had an Xray but no fractures. Its not getting better & now the 3rd toe on my right foot is starting the same way. Has anyone experienced this?

Oh dear, Oh dear! Took Fosamax for one year (2001) and developed muscle and bone pain within the first week. I called my doctor and he gave me pain medicine because he really wanted me to stay on the drug. At the end of a year, I was in such agony that he did blood studies which showed that I was having an severe autoimmune reaction and so I went off the drug.The pain never went away. I then took Forteo for about ten months to apparent good effect. However I did get bone overgrowth and have had shoulder (the other one needs it too), foot and hip surgeries. I now have a new hip but terrible (constant) pain. The mornings are hell! And I am running a design/build firm and construction starts early! I've always been healthy and been a hiker and a hard charging, fly fishin' kind'a gal. I do feel ancient. My Mom just died at 95 and she had less difficulty getting out of a chair. At 61 I'm not feeling too excited about a future of this kind! I don't think I'm going to be able to get rid of this syndrome. I'm on a fentanyl pain patch and take actiq for breakthrough pain and have bought every far out possible supplement or machine that promises relief. My hands are the worst! When the outside temperature changes I'm hardly able to get out of bed. This sucks!!! I keep thinking I can fix this...but how?

so sorry to hear about your health. It takes a long time for Fosamax to leave the body.
I took Fosamax and Actenol for
three years, and still have
joint and muscle pain. It
has diminished, but it is still there. My dr was of no help, so I take Motrin
and lots of HOT showers. Also
moderate exercise does help to loosen up the muscles.
Hope this little bit of info helps. Its a rotten shame
women suffer after takin these drugs, and the worst part is, the Drs dont listen to us. Good luck and GOOD HEALTH!!

Started fosamax after dexascan showed osteopenia. After 4th dose began to have r. shoulder pain, then thumbs and hips. After 8th dose. l. shoulder began hurting along with mild chest pain. My energy is down, not sleeping well due to pain. I am quitting the med and have told my doctor that I am quitting. I am 53 and active and need to stay active without pain.

Has any one experienced coughing due to taking Fosamax? I have had a chronic cough for over three months. I have taken Fosamax for five months.

I have heard of women who develop a cough, although not a lot. check with your pharmacist, the dr will probably say no, as most drs
think this is a SAFE drug.
The pharmacist knows more about these drugs than the drs. Good luck

For the past several years I have had severe arthritic type bone and joint pain which left me hobbling around during the day and woke me up at night with shooting, stabbing, throbbing pain in my legs and hips. My hips were especially tender. I heard on the news several weeks back that Fosamax (which I had been taking for several years) lost its effectiveness after 5 years. The doctor on TV suggested stopping it for 5 years. I didn't know how long I had been taking it, so I had my pharmacy go back into their archives. They found I had been taking it for 5 1/2 years. After coming across your website and finding so many people who use Fosamax having similar problems, I decided to quit taking it. One month after my last dose, my pain and stiffness are gone. I no longer am embarrassed by getting out of my car in a parking lot and having to walk as if I were crippled. I am not awakened by pain at night. I never connected the pain with the drug. I am 72 years old and I have not felt this good in years.

My husband is waiting for the results of a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy after his white blood cell count has dropped below the acceptable level. The doctor is looking for pre-leukemia/MDS. He also is now being treated for asthma, which he has never had ever before. He is also in therapy for very painful hips - pain that keeps him up at night - the orthopedic doctor says it is not his hips but a back problem. Little red spots on his body come and go. He has been on Fosamax for several years and after reading this site, I suspect that this drug is affecting his health. I am so afreid that his diagnosis will say that he has pre-leukemia. He is going to stop the Fosamax.

I am praying for a noin-leukemia diagnosis.

Does anyone have info or documentation on these varied symptoms to confirm my suspicions?

I was diagnosed with Osteopenia after breast cancer treatment. I was on Fosamax for 7 1/2 months. During that time I have had extreme hair loss, vertigo, severe body pain,sinus infections and a chronic cough. I have been off of Fosamax for 2 months. Will my hair come back? Most of the other problems have gotten a little better except for the verigo, sinus infections,and cough. This drug is not safe.........

I have developed a swallowing problem that feels as if my esophagus is going into a spasm preventing food & drink from going down. I had an xray that didn't reveal any problems. I feel this started after starting Fosamax. I have been on this drug for 4 years and continue to have this problem. I really didn't connect the two problems. Does anyone have a problem similar to this?

Anyone taking Fosamax experience severe upper arm pain and have an MRI say there is an enchondroma present? (Golf-ball sized)

This is a main side effect of Fosamax. Contact your Dr.
This side effect can lead to
a hole in the esophagus
and your pharmacist should of attached all the side effects to the script.
Call your dr.

I'm 62. I took Fosamax once a wk for 4 wks. I have severe pain in my left lower ribcage. I stopped taking the drug, and am anxious for the pain to go away.

I took fosomax for 2 years for osteopenia. I have stopped it but I have such severe pain in my back and rib area and can hardly get out of a chair or car after sitting for any length of time.I can hardly get out of bed because i stiffen up so during the night. I also have had several teeth to crack and the jaw pain in horrible. Honestly, lately (I'm 54 years old now) I think if this does not get better I would be better off dead. I can hardly sit up and the fatigue and shortness of breath are extreme. I have told all of this to doctors and am dismissed as depressed and they say I have fibromyalgia. I don't think I can live out my life in this much pain. I cry constantly and I'm afraid my husband will leave me for someone healther. I used to be so active and upbeat. I also developed the itching all over. They say my liver function test was normal but it is maddening. We need all to pray for each other.

I am a 67 year old female and I have been on Fosamax for about 6 years. During this time have developed bad arthritis in fingers and hands. Never thought about Fosamax being the cause. Just thought that age had caught up. However, after another sleepless night last night due to heart pounding and palpitations decided to research the side effects having been told repeatedly by doctor that there were none. I have a very irregular heart beat and often can hear it pounding in my head. I also have been suffering from severe aches in my shoulder and arm for over six months. I have tried massage, chiro, and am at present having acupuncture for this. It has stopped me from playing golf which I loved. After reading this forum have decided to cease Fosamax and see if things improve. I took a dose yesterday and was worse than ever over night.

I was put on Fosomax in 2003 when diagnosed with Osteopinia. I was already dealing with Fybromyalgia and now I'm wondering if this was a wrong choice. I'm not sure how much I'm dealing with that is Fybromyalgia related and how much is medication side effects.
Until this year I have had very strong teeth. Within the last year I have had hundreds of dollars in dental work and now I'm dealing with 3 of my teeth that have completely crumbled. Is this also side-effects from the medication.

Please let me know. I really don't want to go any further with this drug if the results are more damaging than they are benefitial.

Thank you

I sound exactly like Sharon on post 141 above, and I only took Fosamax for about 2 years. I still can't believe I didn't associate Fosamax with all the pains I developed from the waist down. Bone AND muscle pain. Pain throughout the night. It's only been a month since I quit, and I literally feel born again. And the part about being able to get out of a car and being able to walk okay ~ that was something I LOVED too. I am so glad Fosamax didn't ruin my life entirely.

I was also shocked when told I had osteoporosis. I'm 52, not menopausal, no family history, non smoker and I work out all the time!I was told it is probably because I'm thin. Anyway, been on the Fosamax 35mg for about 4 months adn I noticed a bit more achiness & soreness which I was attributing to my exercise. Now I'm starting to wonder. My bone loss mass was not that great and was given the choice of waiting a year after taking calcium and working out but since I was already doing those things,I was nervous and decided on the drug.I'm going to give it a week or two more and than maybe talk to my doctor. I even did my bone density test twice because I could'nt believe the diagnosis. thanks to everyone for sharing the experiences! By the way.. Anyone heard of Cal Apatite by Metagenics?? It was recommended by our chiropractor..thanks

I have been taking fosamax for 7mos in the dose of 70mg once week. I have had a broken finger in my left hand and swollen finger joints and nodules forming in the first knuckes of most of my fingers along with lower back pain more frequent than I have ever had. My broken finger has not healed and is always swollen and really deformed. I am wondering if this could be a side affect? Any one having similar problems.

I have just discovered this site. Wish I had seen it years ago! I have recently commented to my 89 year old mom that I fear that by the time I am her age, I will be an invalid. I have taken Fosomax for several years, having been diagnosed early with osteoperosis. I never imagined that all my symptoms may have been from this. Thru the years I have developed a severe stiff neck,hip pain that the Dr. says must be bursitis and wants to operate, numb toes and balls of feet, swallowing problems, shortness of breath, strange and severe cramplike pain in hands and legs when at rest, restless leg syndrome--etc Geesh! I will dump this stuff right now and look for an alternative natural way to go. I hope it is not too late for me. I am sixty six years old and feel like 90! Stiff, sore, can't get up or out of car etc. etc. I am mad

Thank God, I decided to check out the side effects of Fosamax. I am in my 80s
and I have been taking it for about 5 or 6 years. Since I was also taking Zocor
I thought the Zocor was causing all my pain. I have always been a very active person, was walking 3 miles every day, playing golf,dancing, and could do my housework and most of my yard work. After about a year
I started having severe leg
cramps and leg pain and then
back and hip pain and stupid
me I decided it was the Zocor
as muscle pain is also a side effect of Zocor. I discussed this with my Dr. and he changed me to Zetia, the pain got worse and I noticed that my energy level was very low and that was unusual for me. The pain became so severe in my hip that I went to an orthepedic surgeon and he did back surgery, it didnt help.!!
I have severe pain in my rib area, my back, my hip, and terrible leg pain. I have also had a lot of itching and
just about every sympton that I have read about here.
I had NEVER had any back problems or pain and now I have Scoliosis and I feel sure Fosamax caused all my problems.
Today was the day for me to take my weekly 70mg. Fosamax
but I didn't take it and will NEVER take it again, I fear I have been permanently damaged and at my age, its probably too late for any hope of getting better or get any relief from the pain. I have many sleepless nights, so PLEASE don't ever take Fosamax! Its a Killer.

My wife, 55 yrs. has been taking Fosamax once a week for 5 weeks now. She immediately developed a severe sinus infection, but we didn't connect the two. Last Sunday she took her 5th dose of this poison, and by Wednesday (yesterday) she was so sick she couldn't function at work. She had to come home early and is miserably ill with chest pain, sore throat, inability to sleep, weight loss, and almost constant dry heaves. She'll be taking no more of this poison, but I want to know if anyone here has heard of any way to speed the process of getting this poison out of her system. I've asked her to start drinking as much water as she can to try to help flush out what is in there as quickly as possible. I don't know that it will help, but I don't think it will hurt, and it certainly can't be any worse than the effects of this poison. Thank you all for this site and all of the information here. After this experience, we will never again just "trust" a doctors (read-drug pushers) directions without researching a prescribed drug beforehand.

I've been taking fosomax for seven years. I was first diagnosed at 32 years old with severe osteoperosis due to an early hyserectomy in my twenties. I was put on fosamax (daily) for the first year or so, then was able to switch to the weekly. I had no side effects from it UNTIL the last couple years. My esophogas started burning, so my doc switched me to a liquid form of fosamax. Once a week it is taken just like the other, only you drink it in a cherry flavored medicine instead. That seemed to help. But I am afraid I have permanently damaged my esophogas, as I feel like I have eaten half a loaf of dry whole wheat bread without anything to drink. I feel like I constantly need to be washing food down with liquids, even though I haven't eaten! It is very painful when I sleep.
Jaw bone has been fine, had lots of dental work, so far, everything has healed in due time.
If you have esophogas pain and are taking fosamax in the form of the pill, talk to your doc and see if you can get the liquid instead. It may save your esophogas.

Oh Boy!! I have been taking fosomax for several years. I have experienced several things that I attibuted to aging. Now, I am furious!! I didn't start researching until my swallowing became difficult. I will list the many things that I have experienced in the last few years. I don't know if they are all related or not.

Extreme stiff neck (comes and goes)
Hip pain diagnosed as bursitis. (cannot sleep from it)
Painful knee
Painful fingers
Sore and aching legs with unusual cramps in the night time. (They are not like regular charlie horses. I also get them in my hands some times.)
Swallowing difficulties and choking.
Nervous tics (rubbing thumb and forefinger together. Drives me nuts!)
Restless leg syndrome
Muscle pain in legs
Shortness of breath
Stiffness all over when trying to get up from a seated position.
Poor balance
Frequent falls
Ocassional freezing hands and feet. (so cold, they hurt)
Weakness in arms and legs.

I am sixty six years old and feel like ninety! No more of this stuff for me. I need to research alternatives. Could use some help.

My doctor switched me from Boniva to Fosamax because I was having trouble swallowing. He told me there were fewer risks taking Fosamax and he highly recommended it. After a month I found that I could not sleep at night due to terrible pain in my elbow/arm. It kept getting worse. I took myself off the Fosamax after reviewing with my local Pharmacist all the problems/side effects with it. I have been off of it for two weeks now and the pain and tingling is still there. I pray that it will go away and I can perform all my activities as normal. How can a drug as hurtful/harmful to women be kept on the market. Surely there is something we can do to stop other women from experiencing this.

I was prescribed Fosamax for osteoporis of the spine and osteopienia of the hip. I'm only 55 and grateful for what seemed a solution to this premature condition. After 6-7 weeks, I developed joint pain everywhere, lost my energy and felt crappy! I thought I had fybromyalgia or lupus or something serious. My doctor ran several blood tests, and all were normal. He suggested I quit the Fosamax. It's been 7 weeks, and slowly I'm feeling better. Just this week, I've been able to resume walking, I'm sleeping through the night without pain waking me, and I'm starting to feel my energy return. This site has been reassuring and much appreciated!

My aunt has been taking Fosamax for several years. She's got arthritis all over her body, has had a sudden bleeding ulcer that almost killed her, and now has cancer of the oesaphagus. She's in her eighties. I don't know what role the Fosamax has played in all of this but given all the letters above I suspect it has seriously damaged her health.

Gosh, 3 once a week dosages and I am stopping. Thank you all for your input. Symptoms I definately relate to are sudden sinus infection (possibly low white blood cell count?), and busted blood vessels in my eye--bright red like nothing I've ever seen, and I used to wear contact lenses so I've seen infections and pink eye (conjunctivitis). I also have had some of the other side effects mentioned, heart palpitations, irritated throat, bone aches. I'll stick with the basics(weight bearing exercise, diet, supplements), but would be interested in any other thoughts on osteoporosis treatment.

I scored poorly on my bone density test. My doctor ordered fosamax for me. I had mild arthritis problems but when I started taking the fasamox I immedicately stated having severe body pain all over. I did not associate it with the fosamax immediately. I took fosamax for one month and it is now six months later and I am nowhere near over the side effects it caused. I know for sure that I would have been completely wheelchair bound if I had taken this medication for two months. I had bone pain, muscle pain in every joint of my body. My hips hurt like nothing I had ever had before. I lost all energy, couldn't sleep at night, my blood sugar went out of control, cholestrol out of bounds (all of which was normal before)I was very active until I started with the fosamax now I feel like I will never be able to do the things I've done before. I'm 61 years old. Are there any class actions other than the dead jaw class action that anyone know about?

I wish that I had done more research before I took this drug, I was on this for 3 years, and have been off it for 1 year. While taking it I felt like a 90 year old woman, now I feel like an 80 year old woman.
I have had most of the symptoms that have been written about, they seem to be getting a little better,
lots of problems in my feet and legs. Feels like nerve damage, tingling, aches could barely stand up after sitting 20 minutes. Pain in my hips, where I would almost cry when I would roll over in bed. I kept saying, "this is not normal"
Had blood work and tested for all sorts of things, the doctor could never find anything wrong with me.
I hope with time I will get back to normal, I do know I will never take this drug again....just too much of a coincidence.

Hi,I just found this site and I have read all of the posts that are listed. I'd already had second thoughts about Fosamax after reading information on other websites but now I've definitely made up my mind not to take that second dose! I am 65 years old, had my first bone density test seven days ago. It showed that I had osteoporosis, my T-score was
-3.1 so my primary physician sent me a copy of the report along with a message that I was being put on Fosamax. The prescription had already been faxed to my pharmacy. I took the first dose on Sunday in spite of my misgivings about it and it has made my acid reflux worse already. I took it as directed but it still made the reflux worse. I have a lot of body pain right now and I can't believe that all of the pain is due solely to my osteoarthritis. I have advanced spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease that I developed in my twenties. I have a question to ask. That T-score, I know that it's not good at all but am I being foolish in thinking that I'd rather take supplements,improve my diet, and get regular safe exercise like walking,etc., than take that wretched Fosamax? Does anyone else here have a T-score of -3.1 or worse? Should I be scared? I'm trying not to be scared, and I want to make the right decision! Right now the idea of taking the second dose of Fosamax on Sunday is really bothering me! In fact, I don't want anything to do with the stuff! Thank you, and I wish all of you the best.

My T score of my hip is -6, so your score is not so bad.
Yes, I have severe osteo,
and am only 57. I had a very
early menopause at age 38 and did not take Hormones. I have suffered with both Fosamax and Actenol for three years, and after trying both,
my hip area worsened to -6.
The first bone test I had,
my hip was -2.7. I have researched and researched these drugs, only to find out
they make MORE bone, but the
They claim it builds bones,
but who need MORE BRITTLE BONES. I cant tell women what to do, but I am so
disgusted with these Drs
pushing these meds. I am
working out at a gym, exercising, and doing calcium.
Some days I feel ok, other days my joints and hip ache
terribly, but I have to work thru it. Also, these drugs are in your body for many years, up to 5- 10 years, depending on how long you took them. I wish to God
someone could get the drugs
Good luck to you

I took Fosamax for a few months before I realized that my hip pain could be related to it - pain so bad that it kept me awake at night and I had trouble sitting even during the day. A few months off and the pain went away. My doctor then prescribed Actenol. The same joint pain came back. The pain went away after I quit taking it. My last prescription was Miacalcin, a nasal spray. I had the same effects again. My doctor said it's impossible because Maicalcin is a different class of drug. But the pain went away when I stopped using it. I think I have given up and will hope for improvement with more exercise and better diet. Has anyone else used Miacalcin?

I am flying to Florida this week to accompany my mother to her doctor who refuses to accept the fact that fosamax could be causing her problems. She has been on it for years and now she has a severe rash and dental problems. Her Doctor won't listen to anything you tell him and my mother is getting fed up with him but she has had similar problems with many doctors. it seems they are more concerned for their relationship with the drug companies than their relationship to the patient in their care.

miacalcin interferes in bone resorption - like fosamax -
consider STRONTIUM supplements
(research on web) MDs are not well informed on drug action
I am afraid of fosamax, etc.,so I keep checking this and other web info sites for help...

Bone-loss Drugs
bisphosphonates (eg. Fosamax) HRTs (hormone replacement therapies) SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators, eg Evista), and Calcitonin (eg. Calcimar or Miacalcin) are anti-resorptive agents that work by slowing down bone resorption. These DO NOT increase new bone. They just keep old bone from being destroyed. I am trying Strontium for my soggy bones - just found info on web about it..... for instance:

Strontium in doses up to 1.7 g/day appears to offer a safe, effective and inexpensive approach to preventing and reversing osteoporosis and may be of benefit in patients with osteoarthritis and cancer with bone metastases, as well as possibly helping to prevent dental cavities. Doses of 680 mg/day appear to be the optimum dose, although lower doses are clinically effective.

Hi again, and thanks for the reply, Sue! The information that you provided was very helpful, especially regarding that T-score number. I had no idea what my T-score number meant, how bad it was when compared with what is considered to be normal. Normally when I've received test results of any kind there was a range provided to compare my results to. Low, high, or in the middle, but not with this T-score thing. In fact, I had to go online and do some searching to find out what was considered to be a normal number. No information from the doctor, just that "command" to start taking Fosamax. I know, I sound cranky, he didn't actually issue a "command" but I feel that I should have been consulted about my test results and had a chance to discuss my options with him. But no, instead came the "command" to get to the pharmacy and pick up my Fosamax! I didn't even know what Fosamax was or how much it would cost me. Very expensive! But I picked the darn stuff up and took that first dose one week ago today. It wasn't until the next day that I decided to go online and start searching for information about Fosamax used as a treatment for osteoporosis. I had already read all of the information that came with this prescription of Fosamax, the information from the drug company. I was very thorough as I searched for information online and while I've never been an alarmist when it comes to most of the medications that I've been prescribed over the years, this drug was different. It's been one week now and the rest of those pills will not be taken by me! I am not a guinea pig nor do I wish to be one. Instead I purchased a very good multi-vitamin for older women, changed my diet quite a bit, get lots of calcium and vitamin D and walk each day now. I also get out in the sun for a little while each day, got to soak up that vitamin D! I will be telling my doctor of my decision and no matter what he says I will not take Fosamax. If he doesn't like it, that is his problem. It's my body and when it comes to certain drugs like Fosamax I have a right to just say no... Once again, my best to all of you and I will keep checking this site and reading the posts here! :-)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to add something that I forgot to mention in my last post. Keep up the good work! It's not wrong to speak up and fight back, we have to look out for ourselves. We all must learn what we need to know in order to not only make informed decisions about our health care but we also need to know how to talk to our doctors and how not to be intimidated by them. I've learned a lot in just one week, I feel more empowered now. I will always ask questions from now on, I will ask my doctor for information and not just go along with whatever he prescribes for me, no questions asked. I appreciate all that modern medicine has done to improve our lives but mistakes have been made and are still being made, as the most recent drug recalls prove. And the drug companies are not our new best friends, just the opposite, in some cases. They sell expensive drugs for profit, that is what they do. Many drugs are beneficial, but not all are, sad to say. I wonder when they will be recalling Fosamax? I bet they will eventually have to. Meanwhile, the three remaining Fosamax pills that I will not be taking, I only took one pill, will be saved and used to clean my bathtub. I figure that something so very powerful, if disolved in water, will really do a great job when it comes to getting the hard water deposits off of my bath tub. Better off in the bath tub than in my body! That one pill that I took seven days ago really messed with my acid reflux, my poor stomach. :-( But it's feeling better today, thank heavens.
Best wishes to all of you!

bisphosphonates (eg. Fosamax) HRTs (hormone replacement therapies)
SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators, eg Evista), and
Calcitonin (eg. Calcimar or Miacalcin) are anti-resorptive agents. they are substances that work by slowing down bone resorption. they are different - but they all interfere with bone metabolism. not allowing old outdated bone from being removed to make way for new bone. I do not think many MDs have a notion of how they work. or what is actually measured in bone density tests -

Ladies, perhaps someone could let me know if anyone knows about this......just read
that in small boned petite
women, that bone density tests
are not quite accurate, as the
test is geared toward a heavier woman, 5' 4" and approx 145 lbs. This is to said to be the norm for woman.
I am very small boned, and
only 112 lbs. 5'2". If this is the case, am I to assume
that the DEXA scan could possibly not be reading my
bones scans properly? I am
so confused, and the Dr
has no answer as to why I
have such serious osteo.
Even the endocrinologist
cant help, all the tests were
negative (Thank Goodness)
for any other secondary cause.
They just keep pushing the
drugs and I keep on pushing them away. Thanks for reading.

Just like most of you others, I also, took Fosomax for 4 years. I started out with back pain, knee pain, ankel pain but thought it was just age as I was 59 when I started taking it. I am 63 now and have developed severe pain in my jaws and teeth but still have the severe knee pain and jaw pain . Also have problem walking and with my balance. It has been going on for quite a while , but like I said thought it was just age. And now just started doing research on it since I saw the commericals on TV. But if it takes that long for it to get out of your system, When I wake up I can hardly move my jaws to eat or speak. I also wake up at night with severe knee pain and it is so bad that wake up crying with it sometimesand it hurts so bad I can't move it. I also wake up with cramps in my legs So I advise anyone not to take this medication Fosomax.

I just took my first weekly dose of Fosamax this morning - a sample from my doctor. He said I should see if I tolerated it well before actually getting a prescription. I'm 56 and fell hard on my back on the pavement on Memorial Day and gave myself a compression fracture of the spine. Awaiting a bone density test next week, the orthopedist prescribed 3000 mg of calcium (seems like a lot to me) and said I should be on an osteoporosis med. My mother was very osteoporotic and fractured a vertebra just coughing. I went on this website to see if there were any reports of people's feet being itchy after taking this drug. I took the dose this morning, and mid-afternoon the soles of my feet became hot,red, and extremely itchy. It seems like too much of a coincidence, because I can't account for it any other way. This is a minor thing compared to all the problems I've read about in these postings, but I'm wondering if I'm having an early reaction to this drug? Also, I haven't seen any mention of Evista here. Has anyone tried that, and if you did, how did that work out?

I took Fosamax maybe 6 years ago.. After only about 6 months i had 2 teeth that fractured..I wondered and stopped taking the drug..and no more fractures.. Ater my last bone density they convinced me that it had nothing to do with the problem with my teeth and that i needed to start back on it..This was about a year and a half ago.. I again have stopped taking the drug because last visit to the dentist about 9 months ago was for 4 more fractured teeth . I don't believe this is a coincidence.. I mentioned to the dentist that i take fosamax and he said he could'nt tell me to stop taking it but if it was him he would..

Started Fosamax and Tamoxifen on the same day about 2 months ago. The next day I had severe muscle weakness and bone pain in my upper arm. I don't know which medication (either, both, or neither) might have caused the weakness/pain. After reading the prior postings, I will stop the Fosamax as a test and will post again if the weakness/pain improves. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

My doctor prescribed Fosamax when I had my yearly physical since the bone density test I had last year showed thinning of the hip bones and I had not been really faithful taking 1200 mg of calcium daily.

I took my first Fosamax (70 mg weekly)tablet on Monday and, beginning on Wednesday, I have been miserable ever since. I have bone and muscle aches (primarily neck, shoulders and arms but also in back and hips, had one day of coughing (flu-like) and have no energy whatsoever. Believe me, that was my first and last dose..when I read the results above, I can't believe anyone with really bad side effects would continue taking this product.
Personally, I'm going to be faithful with taking 1200 mg of calcium w/D from now on.

Believe Fosamax is causing circulatory problems, amongst others. I first started taking Actonel after BMD test show severe osteoarthritis (probably due to post menopause, steroid injections and inactivity due to back surgery). I had major side effects, headaches, gas, and severe muscle weakness so severe I couldn't work out--which was the real way I wanted to build bone mass. I told doc I was going off and started feeling better within two weeks. Even with 1 year of trying to do weight bearing exercises, the next BMD test was not any better, so doc suggested fosamax. I reluctantly agreed to try. I did not notice any of the symptoms I did while on actonal, but I admit to being a little sporatic at first with taking the med. I've been on it now for about 8 months and over that period have noticed gradual health changes that "could" be attributed to other reasons, until yesterday. 1--my thyroid has been all out of wack even though my dose has not changed for over 15 years. 2--carpal tunnel has been under control for over 6 years with cherry supplements and has been getting increasing worse over the past 3 months even though I really haven't been doing much to aggravate it. 3--headaches are now daily, especially at night and as a migraine sufferer I am constantly aware of every nuance and have had it totally under control with topamax for 4 years. 4--I'm tired all the time, my eyes are always sore. 5--over the past 4-5 months I have noticed more and more frequently, numbness and tingling in my legs and feet which I thought might be related to my back problems (had a micro-disectomy) and 6-I have more and more dizzy spells which I have never had before. My doc is even sending me for a arterial doppler. When I suggested last week that the fosamax might be the cause, he totally negated that idea. Even suggested the topamax (which I've been taking for over 4 years which no trouble whatsoever) might play a role. Well, after I took the fosamax yesterday, I am now convinced it is the culprit and may or may not subject myself to a test again next week. I took it yesterday morning and three hours later I experienced extreme loss of feeling in both my arms hands legs and feet. I literally had to stop driving it was so bad. It really scared me. I'm going to call my doc today and give him an earfull, but I believe if I go off fosamax I will get better in all areas. These drugs are so strong. I was nervous taking it in the first place, but thought since I didn't have an obvious immediate negative that maybe things were ok. Reading all the comments here has really helped. Hopefully mine will help someone too.

I first started taking Actonel after BMD test show severe osteoarthritis (due to post menopause, steroid injections and back surgery). I had major side effects--headaches, gas, muscle weakness so severe I couldn't work out. Went off it and started feeling better within two weeks. After 1 year of weight bearing exercises, BMD test was still the same, so doc suggested fosamax. I reluctantly agreed to try. Did not have the symptoms I had on actonal. Been on fosamax for 8 months and have noticed gradual health changes that until recently thought "could" be attributed to other reasons, until yesterday. 1-thyroid out of wack even though dose has not changed for over 15 years; 2-carpal tunnel progresively worse even though under control for 6 years with cherry supplements; 3-headaches daily occurrence--as a migraine sufferer I am constantly aware of every nuance and have kept it under control with topamax for 4 years; 4-extreme fatigue and sore eyes; 5-increasing numbness and loss of feeling in hands and feet; and, 6-dizziness which I've never experienced. Doc is even scheduled a arterial doppler. When I suggested last week that the fosamax might be the cause, he totally negated that idea. Well, after I took the fosamax yesterday, I am now convinced it is the culprit. Three hours after taking it, I experienced EXTREME loss of feeling in both my arms hands legs and feet. It really scared me. I have no doubt it is the cause now and will stop taking immediately. I can't believe what believe have been through. These drugs are too strong--the negatives effects we've seen are bad enough, what about those we can't see?

I took fosamax for one month. I have had an onset of bone pain and stiffness that makes it very difficult for me to stand and walk for any length of time. I did not have any of these problems before taking fosamax although my doctor said I had osteoporosis. It has been six months since I've stopped taking the drug and I still have severe pain in any area of my body.

I took Flosamax for about three months. I began having such pressure in my chest and a feeling of choking, I thought I was having a heart attack! When I found out it was a side effect of Flosamax I stopped immediately. After reading others' comments, I feel like one of the lucky ones!

THANK YOU! Thank you everyone that contributed your comments. My bone density scan last week showed "significant" thinning in my spine but not my hips - doc did not give me a number, but I will ask. He immediately prescribed Fosamax or Actonel, my choice. I haven't picked up the script yet and now I don't plan to do so - some money I can save. I already have osteoarthritis, and if I had not found this website and your comments, I would have attributed any increase in pain to the arthritis. I also felt that it was just my doctor who seems to push the prescriptions and doesn't listen to anything I have to say about alternative meds, therapies or vitamins, and am considering changing doctors -- seems that it is a widespread problem now. I started researching everything he prescribes, which is a good thing. He prescribed the wrong heart medicine for me when I asked for the generic version to save money. There are some good websites on alternative medicine, one of which is surprisingly recommended by my health insurance carrier, Thanks again to everyone for taking time to post your experiences and best wishes for a quick recovery from this poison.

I have done considerable research on this terrible drug. The way Fosomax works is that it prevents the removal of old dead bone which is necessary for new healthy bone to grow. Subsequently, the bone will actually appear denser with all the old dead bone, but will get more and more brittle and you will be more prone to fractures, the exact opposite of what the drug manufacturer and the doctors claim. Fosomax contains a very powerful substance, the same actually which is contained in some bathroom cleaners. No wonder it causes all those problems, burning esophagus, stomach ulcers, terrible body pains, acid reflux and many more. It is not that far-fetched when Janet ( posting # 167) says she will use the remaining pills to get the hard-water deposits off her bathtub! It is a poison. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

I took Fosamax for five weeks approximately three months ago. Almost immediately, I developed joint pain, muscle pain in my legs, and severe swelling in my hands and feet bilaterally. Only after I could hardly walk did my doctor tell me to stop. Several weeks after stopping, I developed exposed bone in my lower right jaw. Three months later, my symptoms are slightly better but still persisting. I consulted a rheumatologist who has tested for many conditions, all negative, and still refuses to acknowledge that my symptoms are drug related. I am now getting a second opinion from a large teaching hospital. This experience has been a nightmare - prior to the Fosamax, I was working out at the gym four days a week, walking daily, and leading an active lifestyle. I am now very limited by pain and stiffness and can only hope that these symptoms will someday subside.

After taking Fosamax for 2 years, I suddenly developed
severe lower back pain.
Difficulty getting out of the car, or go from sitting to standing.

I have been off it for 18 months, and while the pain has slightly lessoned, I feel I will never be pain free. I regret ever taking this drug.

Am sorry to hear you are suffering from the effects of this awful drug. I also, have
terrible lower back pain. It gets better then, it will flare up again. I get so furious for letting the dr talking me into taking this poison. My niece is being married tomorrow, and my back
is in terrible condition. I
have been looking forward to this wedding for an entire year, and now I can hardly even get out of a chair, sleep at night or drive.
This medicine has got to be taken off the market ASAP.
Good luck to you.

Has anyone ever made a connection between Fosamax and atherosclerosis?

I have only been taking Fosamax for 6 weeks and turned to the internet because I have turned into a cripple at the age of 53 due to stiffness and knee pain. I go to sleep with bags of frozen peas on my knees...also have a trigger thumb. I am stopping the medication. Want to know what guilt is? I am the one in charge of my 88 year old mother with dementia and other complications,who has been in constant pain for years. So many of the symptoms she has had with her knees for the last few years are what I am having now. It is so hard when someone you love can no longer make decisions and you have to do it for them...and you approve the use of a drug like this for them. I am thankful for my experience so that I can now get my Mom off of this poison as well. I really appreciate the alternatives people are suggesting...

I am a 59 year old woman, and besides bone loss was in good health. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a couple years ago, and started taking fosamax about 1 year ago. Am I ever grateful for this site - because I didn't know what was going on with me. I didn't realize my symptoms were from this drug but now I am convinced of it. I can no longer "jump up out of bed in the morning" - now I hobble to the bathroom. My legs are the worst problem. They ache so bad it wakes me up at night, and I get up early in the morning because I can't stand the pain anymore. I used to pride myself on being able to sit in a squatting position comfortably; that's gone. I used to be able to get up and down from the floor easily, but I'm struggling to do that now. THANK YOU for this site. I'll never take any drug like this again. I'll take calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin c etc., and pray that the effects of this poison is not permanent. If there's a class action suit Baby, I'm IN.

I have been taking fosamax for a year after being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 58. I am 5'3" and 130 lbs. Since taking this drug I have had pretty bad leg pain. It keeps me awake at night, and I can't lie in bed and cat nap in the morning anymore--I have to get right up because my legs are killing me. I used to be proud of my ability to squat comfortably, can't do that any more; in fact, it's difficult now for me to get up and down off the floor, something I never had trouble with before. When I do arise, I can't jump out of bed like I used to do -- I literally hobble to the bathroom. My leg muscles look like they've lost tone, even though I go to a gym. Minor side effects include stiffness, and feeling like I have PMS sometimes too. That had gone away for five years or more, only to return. You may wonder why I kept taking it. Well, I didn't realize the drug was causing it til I read this site. I was actually googling "leg pain + osteoporosis" when I came upon this site. I feel like an idiot that I didn't make the connection til now. However, the medical profession is screwing us over, we can't blame this on ourselves. Our doctors are selling us on this product. Osteoporosis sounds bad - you feel lucky there's a drug for it! There really should be a class action suit. I only hope the effects of this drug are not too long lasting for any of us, but basically we have all been screwed bigtime with fosamax.

I just read your post and am so sorry to hear of you
problems. (It takes sometime for the post to appear, trying hitting the preview button at the bottom of the page and scroll down). Yes,
Sally Field be damned. She
probably isnt even taking this poison. I am suffering
from the effect of this
drug, and my anger grows
by the day, because at age 58
I feel like 88. The back pain
is crippling, and my knees
ache all the time. What
is it going to take to get
this off the market??? I wish
you GOOD HEALTH and hope you feel better soon

I'm 66 years old and have had osteoarthritis for many years but it wasn't severe enough to take strong medications.My doctor insisted so I took my first Fosamax last Saturday and within a couple of hours I was sick. By 4 that afternoon I had been ill all day and I was running a temp of 101 and every bone in my body ached. It took about 4 days before I could eat anything other than dry toast or crackers. Thursday night my wrist's and hands were really starting to hurt again. They were swolen and very painful. I've just been taking Tylonol because I'm afraid to take anything else.
Why haven't doctors been told about all the bad things that go with this? We have to be able to trust our doctors and if they are being given bad information they should start filing lawsuits against the drug companies.

Does anyone know how long this poison stays in your system? I have not taken the medication since October 06, and I still have a lot of the aches and pains especially in my feet and legs. When I go to get up after sitting for 15-20 minutes I'm like and old brittle person trying to walk. This is when I really have the trouble, after I walk around a bit, my body adjusts, but I must say, there is not a day that goes by that I am not in some kind of pain. I'm only 56 yrs old. What will life be like in 10 years? How do you get it out of your system. We could all use a little insight on the length of time, I've heard 2-5 years.
Does anyone actually know?

Does anyone know how long this poison stays in your system? I have not taken the medication since October 06, and I still have a lot of the aches and pains especially in my feet and legs. When I go to get up after sitting for 15-20 minutes I'm like and old brittle person trying to walk. This is when I really have the trouble, after I walk around a bit, my body adjusts, but I must say, there is not a day that goes by that I am not in some kind of pain. I'm only 56 yrs old. What will life be like in 10 years? How do you get it out of your system. We could all use a little insight on the length of time, I've heard 2-5 years.
Does anyone actually know?

I have heard the same thing.
I stopped taking its 2 years ago, and I am still in constant pain in my knees
and back. Of course, the dr
cant tell me how long, because he doesnt believe it has any side effects. All we can do is hope and pray it leaves our body soon. I am so
sick of pain and feeling like
an old lady. Hope you feel better soon

What we need is a class action. I can only imagine how many women are out there suffering and think they are taking something that is going to help them and it is quite the opposite

My mother in law is taking Fosamax and has been experiencing severe nose bleeds. I have heard this is a side effect of Fosamax. Has anyone had similar side effects?

Fosamax is not known to cause nosebleeds, but the spray,
Micalcin used to treat osteo,
does cause nosebleeds.
Hope this helps

I had been diagnosed with osteporosis in Aug. '06 and was very shocked since I exercised daily. My doctor encouraged me to begin Fosamax but I hesitated for 5 months because of all the dreadful and horrific stories I had heard about this drug. I decided to take the plunge and seemed OK for 3 weeks. I then developed and excruciating neck pain that I had never had before. I usually had tension neck pain but this pain was more than I could bear. I talked to my doctor but he seemed to dismiss that it was the Fosamax. I truly feel he wasn't to educated in this field since he seemed confused when I would ask him for specifics about the drug. I did my own research and decided to go off of it. I took this drug for 3 months and the pain has subsided dramatically. The doctor attributes the relief from the physical therapy he ordered for me. The pain started to subside BEFORE the therapy. I can't seem to convince him or any other medical person at my HMO. I totally confused but I cannot in good faith continue
with this drug. I'm thinking of taking EVISTA but of course that may have it's own side effects. I'd appreciate anyone taking Evista to give me more insight. Thanks for all of your comments. Keep them coming.

Thank goodness for this website. I've been on Fosamax for a year. For the first time in my life, began to experience what the doctor described as allergies and took Nasanox and Claritrin. Then developed scratchy voice, tickling throat, coughing, constant throat clearing, and doctor went to a stronger medication, which I took for several days with no improvement. I read about a week ago a letter written by a lady to a doctor's newspaper column that she and several friends, all on Fos., had the scratchy voice, tickling throat, coughing, constant throat clearing, and that put me on the alert. As of today, I've ceased taking Fos. and am willing to bet my "allergies", coughing, throat congestion, etc. disappear. I'm 71 years old and until 4/06, I was on no prescription drugs and hallelujah, I'm free again. I walk two miles a day, ingest 1200 to 1500 grams of calcium with vitamin D, and have a happy and active lifestyle. I was warned that Fos. might give me a stomach ache and had no problem there. It's this "old-lady" scratchy voice and constant coughing that bothered me. Thanks everyone for your input!

I am 45 years old and have osteoporosis.I took fosomax 3 years ago and stopped when I had my tonsills pulled because I felt like there was always something caught in my throat.I guess it was the fosomax.Now I started taking it again last week and for the first time notice that my left knee hurts real bad climbing the stairs.My eyes are blurry all the time now and my fingers hurt so much I can barely type this.Also has anyone noticed acne on there face.I have 2 very large pimples and I never get them.Also it feals like one of my teeth is loose all the sudden and I am coughing up alot of phlem and weezing when I talk.I will not take my fosomax tommarow after reading this.I was taking it every morning.thank you all and I hope we all feel better soon.

This week I turned 61, and several months ago was prescribed Fosamax after a bone density test. Naturally I research any drug I'm on--especially one that is so adamant that one must take it precisely according to directions to avoid problems. That brought me to this site.

I was due to take my tenth dose of Fosamax this morning, but after these comments have decided to wait until I can discuss matters with my doctor (a new one in whom I have more faith than my previous physician).

I have fibromyalgia, and thus am not unused to joint and muscle pain, as well as many of the other problems mentioned here. However, just after my last weekly dose, I suddenly developed severe bone (as opposed to joint and muscle) pain in my femurs and lower back--the two places where I'm told my bone density is the weakest.

If I thought that this were caused by the drug acting on the areas that most need treatment, that would be one thing; however, your experiences make me question that.

(I might note that fibromyalgia has many of the same symptoms most of you report, and can be triggered by a drug or another disease. It's thought that mine arose after a bout of untreated Lyme disease. It's difficult to diagnose and differs from patient to patient, but you might also mention this to your doctor, especially if you see a rheumatologist.)

Why in the name of God are Drs prescribing Fosamax to unsuspecting patients? My Dr said I "might" have slight leg cramps, which I did, every night, causing me to wake continuously. But, she failed to tell me that my poor knees would become
unrelentingly painful, stiff. My wrists are suffering as is my digestive system, although I take Nexium for acid reflux anyway. Finally decided that this sudden knee pain and the unexplained indigestion might be from the Fosamax. Took my last one this morning, and am praying some of this pain goes away. I had suffered a broken ankle in Nov. 06, (prior to my getting on this med) and I got over it beautifully--until I started on this hellish medicine due to slight bone loss in left hip. I'm pretty disgusted with my Dr and with the makers of these drugs that seemingly do more harm than good!!

I have been reading all these comments about Foxamax and can identify with some of the complaints. I was on Foxmax for approx. 6 years and soon after starting the drug I found I was not running as well as I used to even although I was trainig hard. Then one year all my muscles went so stiff I had trouble bending down. I came off Fosamax in Nov 2006. During that month I started having dreadful pains in my back but only when I was lying down or reclining. Then I got numbness in my toes, feet and lower legs. To cut a long story short I eventually went for an MRI scan and I had a Psammomatous Meningioma on my spine. This was surgically removed and I have had no pain since. The surgeon said this tumour has been growing for a long time. I am now wondering if this had anything to do with the Fosamax. The numbness in my feet and legs may be permanent but time will tell. Since December 2006 I have been taking Protos 2g. Does anyone have any comments about this drug?

In reply to post 195,

Yes, my 84 yo Mom had a severe nosebleed after her third dose, along with pain in her hips and bottom of her feet, and trouble sleeping.

It has been about 9 months since the last time she took the "medication." It was her third and last dose of Fosamax, even though her Dr. is still wanting her to take it. Does anyone know if it also can cause heart murmurs? She has a minor history of this, but not for several years...her blood work is fine, but Dr. want a echo gram for a "new" heart murmur.

Yes, it was recently found out that Fosamax can cause
atrial fibrilation in older women. I understand they are still looking into this, but the study showed this as a new concern. Atrial fibrilation is like an irregular heartbeat.

I just found this page - I wish I had found it years ago. 2 yrs ago - my mom was diagnosed with esphogus cancer. She took Fosamax for about 5-6 yrs. Originally the docs said they thought that Fosamax may have been the contributing factor in this. Then just as quickly they denied it and never brought it up again, even after numerous questions from my dad and me. However, as soon as they originally stated that about Fosamax they recommended that I should go off of it (I was taking it daily for one year). I just buried my mom last month. I watched her go from 160 lbs to 60 lbs in 18 months. I have noticed there is a large increase of esphogus cancer in women - there has to be a connection somewhere in all of this. Makes me wonder about all of these kind of drugs. Thanks for listening.

Hi all,

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences with Fosamax. My doctor has advised me that my alternative is a propensity toward a broken hip.
I trust my doctor; indeed I have not experienced the side effects you describe, and I am lucky to be feeling stronger and pain free each day.
I am a 49 year old male with a dx of osteoporosis. I had never broken a bone, but prior to my dx in July of 2007, I suffered a compression fracture from a fall, and fractured my sternum upon exertion doing yard work.
I am lightening up on how much I exert myself for fear of bone breaks, but I am confident that my regular dosage of Fosamax will show a dramatic improvement in bone density on my next Dexascan.

Fosamax has hurt me.

I took Actonel for three weeks, with some side effects, that seemed to be diminishing somewhat after the first week.

My insurance/drug company switched me to Fosamax. I took it for three weeks. I've had most of the bad reactions mentioned here and a few more.

Having stopped taking it three to four weeks ago, I'm, gratefully, hopefully, recovering. The severe pain, numbness, loosening of teeth, joint swelling, gas, abdominal distention,itching, flu like symptoms and general misery are gradually subsiding.

I have been on fosamax for 2 months. Twice after the weekly dose I experienced ( 36 hours later) bone and muscle pain that starts at night, continues at such a high level that I can not walk or function for several days. The first time it was in my spine and back, last time was knees, elbows, hands, feet, ribs, all over but not my back. I do not know if this is coincidental, but the time of onset of the pain was consistent and I am planning on discontinuing this drug. I am very active, but have never before experienced anything like this- thank you to all who share their experiences- it helped me decide to stop.

I agree with Diane Thomas that Fosamax can cause Eye Pain. I have been on the drug for over 6 years, and started with eye pain over a year ago, My GP said he did not think it was Fosamax and to see my Optomotrist, and after several visits said he could not find anything. But I have now left the drug off for the past six weeks and my eyes have improved considerably. I can now go to sleep at night. My optomotrist now agrees with me that Fosamax must have been the problem.
June Richards.

Mom took two once a week tablets of fosomax. She had something like a stroke that numbed her right arm, and weakend all her limbs. She had extreme sensitivity, tingling on skin on shoulders and neck. Also like others, her right side was effected. She is in hosp now. Any others with right side disabilities?

I have been on fosamax for two weeks and am suffering severe joint pain, especially in the hips and lower back. I am 42 and will not be taking this drug anymore.

I am 52. Took 70 mg liquid wkly dose Fosamax for one month and had rash and severe gastric reflux. Stopped for one month, took for one month again, more gastric reflux. Stopped for one month, took for one month again. Started to notice my TMJ acting up (hadn't bothered me in years), started to notice knees cracking when I stood from sitting position. Last dose, Fosamax came back up into esophagus. Severe chest pain, trouble swallowing. Then started to experience crepitus over entire body. Customer at work shook my hand and apologized for cracking it. I turn over in bed now and hear several cracks: from my breastbone to my forearm to my neck and my skull. Dr.(GP)said esophogeal problem not due to Fosamax. Said cracking not due to Fosamax and nothing to worry about. Off Fosamax now for two months. Still cracking. Has anyone else experienced crepitus? Three weeks ago had crunching sound in jaw joint and piercing pain. Now experience jaw pain which runs from severe at back of throat to mild at front teeth, feel pulling sensation sometimes or numb feelings through cheek and lips. Dentist says pain not from Fosamax; referring me to orthodontist. This pain is not like TMJ pain I experienced in my 30's. Thank you for this web site - after reading this, will never take this drug or any other without research first. I'm concerned now reading about Jane (July post) that she has exposed bone in jaw after only 5 weeks of Fosamax use. Published reports that I have read say jaw problems w/ oral use noted after 2-3 yr use. Jane's post is very scary. Jane, is exposed bone healing?

I am so glad for this site!! I was just getting ready to call my dr. He prescribed Fosamax after DEXA in June 07. I can not sleep, my stomach is so distended my pants will not fit, and an old dental injury is giving me a fit. I had no idea one little pill could cause so much damage. I just hope the side effects will subsibe since I did not take it very long. Thank you for this great service.

I wrote on March 21, 2007 my experinces with Fosamax. It has now been six months since I stopped taking this drug. I still have hip, knee, elbow and back pain and stiffness all over. Some days are better than others. I walk for about 45 minutes about five times a week (before I ran three miles a day) but still cannot use weights because of my sore shoulder and elbows. I know that it is going to take a long time, if ever, for all this to go away. I get in the hot tub daily and stretch as much as I can. This seems to help. I have heard it takes 5-10 years to get out of your system. I hope it isn't so.

I'm glad I found this site.I just found out from my doctor that I have osteoporosis and she asked me if I wanted to try Fosamax and I said yes.Now,I'll be letting her know I won't be taking it at all.I'll just stick with my calcium supplements and get some magnesium.Thanks to all who replyed on this site,you saved me from a living hell.

How much Magnesium should one take,and Vitamin K? Thanks.

I take 800 mgs of magnesium,
400 in the morning and
400 in the evening. I dont take Vitamin K, but do take
Vitamin D, the same dosage
as the magnesium.

After a fall in which I broke my wrist and needed two operations, I was diagnosed with osteopemia. My doctor prescribed fosomax. That was 4 years ago. A year ago a capped tooth broke and about 6 months ago I began having severe aches and pains in my joints. When I asked my doctor about side effects he told me I was in more danger of broken bones. After reading the comments I'm making a decision right now to stop taking it.

Very wise decision Bernie.
I am sure if the Dr's. felt
these horrible aches and pains, they would stop taking this poison also. Its amazing
how Dr's dont listen to their own patients. I am still in
considerable pain after
stopping for more than a year,
but somedays are better than others. Try some exercise
and make sure you take
calcium and magnesium supplements. GOOD HEALTH TO YOU!!!!

I, too took fosamax for 5 yrs. and I had a slight improvement in bone mass afte r the 1st year. But no improvement after that, in fact a slight regression. I also learned that the fosamax works because it prevents the old bone from shedding, but because old bone doesn't shed, new bone cannot grow. And think about it, old bone becomes brittle; does anyone have any info on this. I am 56 years old, and my bones could become very brittle in the next 20 yrs if I continue to take. This medication actually upsets the natural process of shedding bone and growing new bone, although we don't grow new bone at the same rate when we get older. Has anyone heard of EZORB; it's a raw form of calcium that supposed to be 92% absorbable. I've been taking it for a year or so, but haven't gotten a new bone scan yet. Please, if anyone can give me their comments on this, I would appreciate it.

Thanks Sue for the info.When I told the doctor I wouldn't be taking Fosamax,she discontinued the prescription without an argument.Thanks to all of you from saving me.I told my friend who is on Fosamax and stopped when I showed her this site.She's angry at her doctor she's been on it for 4 years and has had teeth,hip,etc. problems,she has a wheelchair and uses a cane.Can anyone get this harmful drug off the market?

From what I understand Merck, the makers of Fosamax have several law suits pending for
osteonecrosis of the jaw. I am sure as time goes on there will be many more, and hopefully it will be pulled from the market, just like Vioxx, and we can only hope the women do their research before taking this med.

Very interesting article on Fosamax side effect, another
one they are looking into.
Go to
and click on the third article.Needless to say,
they are finding out more
about these drugs, and they
arent good

To: Kathy C.
look up site-

For Sue,(June 19 '07)
I agree with your assesssment. DEXA scans are based on the average woman's size. The smaller a person is, the less bone mass they need to support their bodies. This goes hand in hand with being "petite" is a risk factor for osteoporosis. You can not compare a small person's bone density to a large person's BMD. But the DEXA scan is a way for MD's to have something to treat. This is called 'evidence based medicine'. I call it 'cook book medicine'. Treat all patients the same. Having a hadicapped son, I saw this mindset when my son went into first grade special ed. The teacher wanted to take all 20 of the special needs children from point A to point B in their education. No matter what their capabilities were. Dexa scans are the same. In my humble opinion at best they should be used to determine an individual's change in bone mass status.

Osteo is a condition. It is not the norm. In the post menopausal and advanced age it is common. But, if you have been diagnosed with osteo and the above criteria doesn't apply, look for a cause of the condition. Don't simply and blindly treat the condition.

You as the patient must take control of your own health care.

Things to look for include:
1) vit. D status?
2) vit. K status?
3) magnesium intake?
4) parathyroid hormone levels check out
5) body's pH?
6) serum calcium?
7) absorption problems?
8) insulin like growth factor (IGF-1)
9) kidney function?
10) ionized calcium?
11) an actual trans iliac tetracycline stained bone biopsy. (minor surgery- will tell a lot regarding the bone's growth and healing capabilities, mineraliztion status/ capabilities, osteomylitis, and other bone diseases.

My wife, Lisa, is going thru the same things many of you are experiencing. And hind sight is always better than foresight. She was diagnosed with osteo in '03. After seveal attempts, she determined the side effects of the oral bisphosphonates left her too sick to take. Dec.'04 she broke a rib (cousin picked her up). It was decided to put her on the IV form called AREDIA. 90mg every 3 months. We now know that NO ONE SHOULD TAKE BISPHOSPHONATES WITH A UN HEALED FRACTURE. They will never heal. After 5 additional doses, this was changed to the IV BONIVA. She took one dose of this. More ribs began to fracture. Now, she has 5 unhealed rib fractures, cartilage problems with her dominate hand (not a surgical candidate due to her bone status), Her other hand has pain around the palm and thumb (unexplained), and she lives in chronic pain. Several trips to the Mayo Clinic identified the problem but was unable to come up with a treatment. These drugs have a half life to 10 years. (time it takes to eliminate 1/2 of the drug form the body). It takes FIVE half lifes (50years) to remove it all. The question we all need to pray about is how long will the drug remain active.

thank you for your indepth
post. Was very interesting.
Am sorry your wife is going through such a rough time.
She is lucky to have a husband who is willing to help find a solution to her problems. I have had all secondary causes for osteo ruled out. As a matter of fact, just had my complete physical and everything was normal (i.e extensive blood work)except for the bone density test. The hip area has worsened again. I am not on any of the osteo drugs and refuse to take them. My dr
is trying to push Forteo, but
I informed him that after 2 years of this drug (which causes bone cancer in mice)
a patient has to resume the
biophosphante drugs. Makes
no sense to me. Fortunately I
have had no broken bones,
but do suffer from back pain,
but the dr said it was not due to the osteo since there are no fractures. Many women are confused and frightened about this, and rightfully so.
I will continue the natural approach in hopes that some good will come from this. Isnt this the way the generations before all these drugs were discovered do it?
I certainly never remember my grandmother and mother worrying about osteo and they lived to be in their 90's.
Wishing your wife good health and a speedy recovery

My mother, 69 yrs old, has just started to take fosamax this morning (today is the first time). I read the information included in the package and found so many side effects in it. So I search the internet immediately and found this site.
After read this site with so many negative comments, now I am confused, should I continue taking fosamax next week or dismissed it right away now?
If I stop fosamax, what should I do to heal my mother? Is taking calcium supplement everyday will help?

Its a difficult decision.
See if any side effects develop. Some women dont get
any, but the majority I talk to and read about, do get side effects. Personally,
I feel it is not a GOOD drug
for anyone, but I cant advise you. Exercise, calcium and
Vitamin D ALL help with osteo.
Talk with her Dr again.
Good luck

I have been taking Fosamax for two years. My DEXA scan showed improvement, but I have developed rib pain nearly all the time. My doc ordered a chest x-ray which was completely clear, and said she had never heard of Fosamax causing rib pain. I have taken it upon myself to stop the drug and will inform my doc the next time I see her that she should do some research into these drugs before prescribing them. I am 59 years old and feel fine otherwise. Why risk my health over a possibly dangerous drug? I don't think so. Hope my rib pain disappears over time now.

I am 50 and have been taking Fosamax for 8 years. In the beginning, dexa scans showed improvement. Recently, not much. I had no adverse effects. Last month or so I've had paid in my middle finger (mostly joint) and some in elbow. Also found within last 5 months that my shoulders hurt across the back in the mornings, like I've slept wrong. Has anyone else been taking Fosamax for a few years and then developed symptoms? It was interesting to see that others complained of joint pain in middle finger. I had it exrayed last night and no problems were evident. Is it Fosamax?

I started taking Fosamax in Nov. 06 since I was on the border line for Osteoporosis. I didn't have any of the commom side effects. Starting Mar. 07 I noticed little flesh colored pimples on my back. By June, I had these pimples on other parts of my body and my scalp was itchy and scaly. My whole body itched.My psoriasis, which I had when I was younger (I'm 64) had been stabilized for many years, began breaking out again. My hair thinned and began falling out. In July, I stopped the Fosamax but the systems continued to worsen. Three Demotologists and one Allergist later, noone can diagnosis the rash nor the cause. Taking Cortisone has stabilized the condition. The Allergist believes I had a severe allergic reaction to the Fosamax . Has anyone had these symptoms?

I have been taking Fosamax for several years but recently my teeth/gums are aching...I had just been to the dentist - no cavities so she told me to brush with Sensodyne toothpaste for a didnt help....I wondered if it could be the Fosamax altho it didnt give me side effects previously but after reading all these comments I'm convinced it's the Fosamax and like others thought the other aches/pains were from "getting older"...but now I'm wondering if it's also from the Fosamax.......NO MORE

After having read many of the comments that have been posted since 2006 I am very concerned since my doctor has just put me on Fosamax since my bone density scan this past July was so bad. I have been osteopenia since 2004. Since it is 20 years too early and I am not premenopausal I have become some sort of case study for my endrochinologist and for the docs at UCSF. I already get severe headaches and not being able to take various painkillers has me worried. Also, the side effects that have been stated are freaking me out. I already take calcium supplements that aren't really working and my mother was taken off of Fosamax and so anyway...I am just very worried. What questions should I ask my doc so that he will listen to all this anecdotal evidence? He is a very scientific sort of guy and doesn't take a lot of stock in stories. Thanks for your help.

Show him this website. Also I know a woman who was taken off Fosamax by her doctor because he said he had an e-mail from Merck to take all patients off Fosamax. Question you doctor about this. I don't know where you are from but this woman lives in Johannesburg, South Africa

I started taking Fosamax in July 07 and as of today, Nov 11, 2007 the remaining pills are in the trash can.

In late August, I began waking up every morning with a sore neck. This progressed to the left shoulder muscle, the shoulder joint, all down the arm and into the fingers causing continuous extreme pain. Now, I have to be in an arm sling and apply heat or cold packs everyday, take ibuprobin, yet the pain never goes away. I am unable to comb my hair, dress myself, or drive due to the extreme pain in my arm. It has recently began to go into my right arm as well. That's when I found this site and realize that I've been poisoned by this drug.

That this drug will be in my system for at least 10 years is most distressing. I went from a healthy woman to a cripple in just a few months. I think the maker and the FDA should be sued for everything!

I have taken for a year and 3 months, feel awful everyday
in the emergency with facial body , knee, hip, neck, chest pain, heart palpatations, every muscle in my body has been weakened
the muscle tissue on my legs
feel like they are heavy and have left the bone. I walk now at the paste of an 70 year old , when I'm fifty one. Two years ago my health I would have considered to be great with little problems. wound up in halters after waking up one morning paralyzed from the neck down. in emergency where they had to shoot me up with valium and a pill that immediately eased the pain. could not swallow easily for months,itchy eyes constipated to the point that I had to manually
help my self go. It has all been awful. I can relate to each and everyone of you. I am also afraid everyday now
that things for me are only getting worse by some of the symptoms that are getting worse, like stiffness, days cannot barely walk. stiff facial muscles,especially in the jaw, and was also told I have jaw decay and constant infections in the mouth.Would warn anyone against taking it. And believe me I will if I should run across anyone whose taking it.

I took fosamax for the first time yesterday and 36 hours later I am in bed suffering from intense pain across my back ribs, my knees, elbows and hands. I do have Rheumatoid arthritis, but my medications (methotrexate, naproxen, and plaquenil) pretty much keep my pain at bay, also rarely would I hurt this many places at once. I decided to look online for side effects and have found this site as well as helpful. I won't take this pill again next week.

I goofed: the other site is Quite a few postings on that site about side effects.

'The Myth of Osteoporosis'
by Gillian Sanson

Get it from the library or buy it-- But PLEASE read it, everyone!

The Merck Manual which doctors should consult re: drugs says the half-life of Foxamax is 10 PLUS years - the same as the metal, Lead.

The Merck Manual also gives the following drug interactions:

Drug Interactions
Aminoglycosides: May lower serum calcium levels with prolonged administration. Concomitant use may have an additive hypocalcemic effect.
Antacids: May decrease the absorption of bisphosphonate derivatives; should be administered at a different time of the day. Antacids containing aluminum, calcium, or magnesium are of specific concern.
Aspirin: May enhance the adverse/toxic effect of alendronate; specifically gastrointestinal adverse events.
Calcium salts: May decrease the absorption of bisphosphonate derivatives. Separate oral dosing in order to minimize risk of interaction.
Iron salts: May decrease the absorption of bisphosphonate derivatives. Only oral iron salts and oral bisphosphonates are of concern.
Magnesium salts: May decrease the absorption of bisphosphonate derivatives. Only oral magnesium salts and oral bisphosphonates are of concern.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): May enhance the gastrointestinal adverse/toxic effects (increased incidence of GI ulcers) of bisphosphonate derivatives.
Phosphate supplements: Bisphosphonate derivatives may enhance the hypocalcemic effect of phosphate supplements.

Does this mean that if we took magnesium salts, it would counteract the Fosamax remaining in our systems???

A chart of the half life would look like the following:
TABLE of FOXMAX half-life adapted from NORMAL drugs w/ half lives in minutes, hours or days

Fosamax Half-life
10 Plus YEARS
Half life
reached % of drug eliminated from body
10 + yrs* ------------- 50
20 + yrs -------------- 75
30 + yrs -------------- 87.5
40 + yrs -------------- 93.75
50 + yrs -------------- 96.875
60 + yrs -------------- 98.474
70 + yrs -------------- 99.25
• First half-life of 10 years reached from first dose of Fosamax

I have been on Fosamax for 3 years without any problems. Many of the problems listed above are due to other disease processes such as the inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rhematoid arthritis, and are not caused by the drug. There are some side effects to this drug, like any drug, but if you take it as directed, most people will have no side effects.

i strongly disagree with you,
as the FDA is doing a 6 month
study as to why 97% of women
have SEVERE bone and muscle pain when taking this drug,
you maybe an exception and i am glad for you, but please
do NOT dismiss the fact that
there are women out there that have suffered severe
side effects to these poisnous

I was diagnosed with osteporosis when I was 45. I have been taking fosamax for 4 years now. I always paid special attention to following the directions pertaining to standing or sitting for 30 minutes after taking it so that I wouldn't harm my digestive system. I never realized that fosamax could be the reason why my shoulders ache so much that I can hardly lift my arms. When I wake up in the morning my legs and ankles are so stiff i can hardly walk. Also my neck and shoulders are stiff and very sore. My legs ache when I sleep and often wake me up. Recently I've noticed red rashes in different spots on my body. Last year one of my teeth cracked, and I have pristine teeth which I pride myself in taking very good care of. Brushing, flossing, listerine, and dental cleanings at least twice a year. I've never had problems with my teeth. A few months ago I was in a bad car accident and suffered whiplash. I had an mri done on my shoulders and the doctor said I had a large amount of calcium deposits on my shoulder joints that were not from my accident. I wonder if the calcium deposits were from the fosamax and if this is why I'm experiencing so much pain in my shoulders. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I think after reading everything on this website, I will be discontinuing my fosamax, but first I will consult my doctor.

I had the same diagnosis
of calcium deposits in my
lower back and feet, and
have experienced severe
pain for almost 3 years.
I stopped taking this drug,
but it stays in the body for almost 10 years after stopping
the drug. The pain is sometimes unbearable, and
I blame the Fosamax

What an amazing hour I have just spent reading these posts. I am a reasonably fit and healthy 60 year old male who has just spent ten days of acute anxiety having been told I have osteoporosis and a "severe risk of fracture" of the hip - all this has done wonders for my blood pressure ! My research points the finger of blame for my condition to the long term usage of Seretide (for asthma) and Nexium (for reflux) - why did nobody tell me ? I was immediately prescribed Fosamax by my GP and was tempted to take it out of fear of possible consequences if I did not, however my partner (who has a healthy suspicion of pharmaceuticals after a long and succesful fight against breast cancer) advised caution which led me to research Fosmax and hence to this site. I will not be taking and will be returning it to the pharmacy - if only to point out the error in their instructions which were to "take one tablet DAILY" !! If Fosamax can cause such damage if taken weekly what would the consequences have been if I had followed the pharmacist's instructions ? Good luck to you all.

These posts are such a help! I avoided the Fosamax/Actonel Rx's that Dr's recommended for the past 8 years when told I was osteopenic. I was determined that exercise and calcium would be enough for me. At my last physical my doctor reported that my bone scan showed the osteopenia was worse and I should take Fosamax since I was doing all the right things but not slowing the bone loss. I had researched the drug, was very skeptical, but trusted this doctor. I've taken 9 of the low dose weekly pills and after reading these posts realize that I am having these serious side effects -- bone, muscle, and joint pain -- and no energy -- all things that weren't a problem before taking the Fosamax. These drugs are extremely powerful and stop the bone turnover process, meaning that the loss of old bone is stopped but so is the formation of new bone. The drug itself deposits in the bone and stays there making the mass increase. After 10 years half the Fosamax is still in the bone. After 10 more years half of that amount is still in the bone. So basically it's there forever. That's the bad news. I'm stopping the Fosamax and will take my chances with a future fracture and continue my daily yoga practice, Feldenkrais movement, strength training (if my shoulder joint ever feels normal again), and good diet. Good luck to all of you and avoid Fosamax or any of the other bisphosphonates if you can. They may have their place with people late in life; but if you're in your mid-50's, think twice.

Check out this recent FDA Alert from Jan. 7, 2008, about bone, joint, and muscle pain associated with Fosamax and the other related drugs --

Your doctors should know about this! Print out a copy and give it to them. This says the FDA will continue to review this with a final report out in about six months.

I have used Fosamax for years as a once-a-day dose...Then, doctor changed to once-a-week and bone density tests have gotten worse and pain has developed in left hip....Is there a difference in the make-up of the two?

The once a week is stronger, atleast thats what my Dr said.
They claim it is the convenience of taking it once a week also. My tests also
worsened when I took the once a week, and the pain in my hips were HORRIBLE. I quit the drug at once and refuse to take it again.

I am a 58 year old woman. I had my first bone density test recently, and the doctor says I have osteoporosis and major bone density loss. He wants to put me on Fosamax. I have been doing research, and I am very afraid to start it. I lift weights weekly, and I exercise a lot. I take calcium supplements. Does anyone think I should take it?

You have to do what is best for you, but in my opinion,
this drug has TERRIBLE side
effects and they are long lasting. If you havent read
all the posts, read them and you will see that 99.9% of the posts report major side effects. I am still suffering
from extreme hip, knee and back pain after stopping Fosamax nearly 3 years ago.
BUT, you must make your own decision....maybe a second opinion would help you decided

I was diagnosed with osteporosis when I was 45. I have been taking fosamax for 4 years now. I always paid special attention to following the directions pertaining to standing or sitting for 30 minutes after taking it so that I wouldn't harm my digestive system. I never realized that fosamax could be the reason why my shoulders ache so much that I can hardly lift my arms. When I wake up in the morning my legs and ankles are so stiff i can hardly walk. Also my neck and shoulders are stiff and very sore. My legs ache when I sleep and often wake me up. Recently I've noticed red rashes in different spots on my body. Last year one of my teeth cracked, and I have pristine teeth which I pride myself in taking very good care of. Brushing, flossing, listerine, and dental cleanings at least twice a year. I've never had problems with my teeth. A few months ago I was in a bad car accident and suffered whiplash. I had an mri done on my shoulders and the doctor said I had a large amount of calcium deposits on my shoulder joints that were not from my accident. I wonder if the calcium deposits were from the fosamax and if this is why I'm experiencing so much pain in my shoulders. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I think after reading everything on this website, I will be discontinuing my fosamax, but first I will consult my doctor.

If any of you have been following a low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate diet, be sure to consider that carbs supply energy (or turn to body fat if you're sedentary) but don't rebuild bone. You need healthy fats and protein in your diet to build lean muscles and bone. Think of those guys lifting weights at the gym. They are eating steak, not pasta. Calcium and exercise alone are not enough. You need enough protein and fats, too. In fact, this Fosamax pain has turned me to nutrition instead.

I am a 57 year old osteopenic woman. My doctor prescribed Fosamax for me. I have been taking calcium with magnesium and vitamin D. I walk and do yoga. I was skeptical, but took the once a week dose TWICE. My muscle, bone and joint pain is ridiculous. I re-read the side affects and although it says it is rare, (HA), all of my problems were listed there. I will not ever take this drug again. I would rather risk a broken bone. At least that would heal in 6-8 weeks.

Good for you on making a wise decision. Seems like more and more women are seeing the light. Too bad our Drs dont want to see how this poison is affecting us.

I am a 55 year old woman who was just diagnosed with osteopenia after a bone scan. My doctor recommended Fosamax, which I took weekly for 6 weeks. I discontinued the drug a week ago. Shortly after taking the first dose, I developed what I thought was the flu which lasted for 7 days. Then I noticed that my hips were mildly achy. About a week ago I became curious about that and found sites like this on the internet. I did not take last week's dose. During the past week, the pain on my left side seems to be including the thigh and knee. I will not be taking this drug again. I am going to see a nutritionist about diet and supplements and will religiously do my exercises. I feel fortunate that my side effects developed so soon. It's like my body is trying to tell me something. I wish my doctor had told me to be on the alert for these types of symptoms so I could have made the connection faster. She said to call her back in 6 weeks. I will post then to give an update.

I took Fosamax for 2 years. I have had bone pain in both tibias for that entire time. I was told that it was shin splints. I have gone to 3 physiotherapists, a chiropractor, had acupunture, and have tried foot orthotics and had MRI's of both legs to no avail. Recently I started to get pain in the bones in my lower arms and I was becoming very stiff. I recently read an FDA warning about Fosamax and after discussing with my doctor stopped taking Fosamax 2 months ago. I now have no pain and no stiffness. I have also been able to stop taking the antiinflammatory drug that was controlling the pain. I'm convinced that Fasamax was the cause .

Has anyone been diagnosed with calcium deposits in their shoulders after taking fosamax? I'm 50 years old and have been taking fosamax for about 4 years now and recently had xrays and mri's that showed calcium deposits on both shoulders. I never realized that the pain in my soulders might be due to a side effect of fosamax. I never had any stiffness or shoulder pain before taking fosamax. Has anyone had a similiar experience?

I have just heard on TV and read numerous articles that fosamax can now cause irregular hearbeat in women and put them at risk for a stroke. I knew it would not be long before they realized that this posion is very dangerous, so when is the FDA going to wise up and get this junk off the market????

I had been taking fosamx for 1 1/2 years when I developed severe pain in the sides of my legs, I went off the fosamax and the pain subsided but was left with muscle and bone pain in the bottom part of my legs. I have had a mri of my back doppler and ultra sound of my legs (normal, except for degenerative changes in my back) The pain and discomfort is very bothersome at night and keeps me awake. I cannot get anyone to say that this is a side effct of the fosamax

I was diagnosed with osteporosis when I was 45. I have been taking fosamax for 4 years now. I always paid special attention to following the directions pertaining to standing or sitting for 30 minutes after taking it so that I wouldn't harm my digestive system. I never realized that fosamax could be the reason why my shoulders ache so much that I can hardly lift my arms. When I wake up in the morning my legs and ankles are so stiff i can hardly walk. Also my neck and shoulders are stiff and very sore. My legs ache when I sleep and often wake me up. Recently I've noticed red rashes in different spots on my body. Last year one of my teeth cracked, and I have pristine teeth which I pride myself in taking very good care of. Brushing, flossing, listerine, and dental cleanings at least twice a year. I've never had problems with my teeth. A few months ago I was in a bad car accident and suffered whiplash. I had an mri done on my shoulders and the doctor said I had a large amount of calcium deposits on my shoulder joints that were not from my accident. I wonder if the calcium deposits were from the fosamax and if this is why I'm experiencing so much pain in my shoulders. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I think after reading everything on this website, I will be discontinuing my fosamax, but first I will consult my doctor.

I have been trying to figure out what is going on with me. I have had heart issues, shoulder issues and recently underwent surgery on my right shoulder (calcium and spurs) but now I am wondering if all this was related to Fosamax. I am now having Acid reflux so bad that I am off all medicine. I start to itch for no reason and break out in welps and even red spots appear. My hair has also been falling out during shampoo and combing. My doctor thinks it might be related to stress - WRONG. I now believe it's all related to this drug. I would love to hear from any out there who may be having the same issues.

I have had pain for the last three years after taking fosamax. I also broke out in pin like red rashes on my arms and legs, and then once in awhile I would break out in hives on my legs. I stopped taking this junk and
hopefully one day the aches and pains will disappear. They say it stays in your body for 10 years, and my back and hips and knees still give me a lot of problems.
Get a new dr and keep researching this drug. Its a very dangerous drug

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1995 and have been taking fosamax ever since. I've had many of the symptoms mentioned here by others, both BEFORE and after taking this medicine. I had shoulder joint stiffness in 1987 requiring several months of physical therapy to correct it, and have had rashes at times both before and after taking the drug. I'm now 74 years old and now have some arthitis that slowly becoming worse. I think this is simply part of aging, rather than from fosamax. While it may be that some people develop joint pain from the drug, I believe the most common problem with it relates to stomach and digestive problems that may result from taking the drug. My wife had stomach problems in trying to take either fosamax or actonel and has found success with forteo, which she has taken for the past three years. Forteo is administered by injection into the lower stomach area, which she finds at times to be somewhat uncomfortable. However, bone density has improved for both of us as a result of our therapy, especially for my wife, as I believe that forteo is a much more powerful drug than fosamax.
I hope that what I have communicated in the above will be of help to others in making their decision to improve their bone health.

I had a Dexa scan in April that showed severe osteopenia of my lumbar spine. My dr put me on fosamax. I took my 1st dose May 25 and my 2nd dose June 1. On June 2, I suddenly started having severe chest pain, all my joints began to ache, and both my knees swoll to 4 times their normal sizes. I could not stand without the most severe pain I have ever felt, then all my teeth began to hurt. I was at work when all this happened. I somehow made it through my shift and went home. I really could not understand why I was hurting so bad. The only change I had made was to begin taking fosamax. When I realized that, I got the insert that came with fosamax and read it. I read that severe joint pain, jaw pain, and chest pain were all side effects that I should immediately tell my dr about. As a result, I was on the phone to my dr @ 8:00AM, and had an app't @ 9:15 AM. I am currently unable to walk due to the pain in both my knees, I am out of work at least 1 week, and the only way I can relieve the pain at all is with the vicoden I was prescribed. I also have to get an ortopanorex of my jaw asap to rule out necrosis of my jaw bone. My dr aplogized, saying she had no idea there could be such side effects, but the fact remains that I was following my dr's advice, and I am the one who is paying, in more ways than one.

Please read:

Has anyone experienced either eyelid twitching or random muscle jumping at all parts of the body while taking Fosamax?

Has anyone experienced an increase in blood sugar levels not attributable to any other issue?

Thank you.

Yes, eyelid twitching drives me crazy. Still get it after stopping the drug. Not as often, but I had the twitching for 6 months straight

In 2006 I was put on Fosamax because I had a bone scan that showed: just slight osteoporosis. But as of Mar.2007, my toes,feet & lower part of my legs just above my ankles were also getting slightly numb. Plus the tendons in the arch area of my feet were hurting really bad & burning. My doctor told me I had the symptoms of PHERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY. WHICH I THINK IS WRONG! I was also getting slight chest pains, my eyes were burning & so was the inside of my mouth, plus my jaw bones were hurting & I had a funny taste in my mouth. When I heard about problems with fosamax a few days ago; I did a lot of checking up on this medication on the computer. I didn't like what I read!!!! So I didn't tell my doctor. I just plainly stopped this medicine. I am tired of a lot of pain & etc.


Hi my mother and I both take Fosamax - she has been taking it for 3 straight - I have been taking it for 3 years also but the first year I was taking it only once every two weeks because I was concerned about the fact that I had experienced severe problems with my teeth following a dental botchup. But my bone density was worse so I have been taking Fosamax regularly every week since. The next bone density showed an improvement. I now feel like I am stuck between a rock and hard place. I get pain in hips/legs every night - and constantly wake and jiggle my legs to relieve the discomfort I feel. I think I would like to stop taking fosamax but am petrified that I might break a hip if I fall. I am 54 years old.
Mother is 87, she wonders if fosamax is responsible for the hair loss she has been noticing for some time now. Can anyone tell us if they had had the same problem.
Wish I had discovered this web page a long time ago.... oh well better late than never!

I was just in to see a ne
w oncologist due to a move and had a bone densitity test a couple of weeks ago today I went in for the results and Dr told me I have mild to moderate bone thinning and has recommended Fosamax after reading all these notes I am afraid to even try it. Any sugestions on what I should do? I am on Arimidex 2 years

I am having horrific pain in my shoulders, arms, neck, collar bones, wrists, fingers and numbness and swelling in my toes! I have been taking Fosamax for a few years, not sure when I started exactly. I stopped taking it for a few months after not telling my Dr that I hadn't taken it so decided to get it refilled. After a month of taking I am now experiencing all of the above symptoms. I also got my blood test results back this week and according to the nurse I tested positive for arthritis...I woke up one day with full blown pain in all my joints and leg muscle cramps all night long. My friend sent me an article she got off of MSN alerting of the side effects of this drug. I took the article in to show the Dr and he didn't really seem concerned. I told him I would no longer be taking it..the only reason I was on it was I was postmenopausal and did not want to take any hormones and this is when he said I needed to take to keep my bones strong. I am in excruiting pain as I am typing this. I am a 69 year old active senior who does not show my age and now I feel like I'm in my 80's and I know it's because of Fosamax. I have never experienced anything like this ever!. My pain is 10 on a 1-10 scale and I can't sleep at night at all. I am on the verge of tears always because nothing seems to touch the pain for long..I pray I don't have this in my system for 10 years as they indicate because the quality of my life is down the tubes. I learned about Fosamax from a health seminar that I attended and they were bringing awareness that anyone who takes any drug such as this is showing the bone buildup from Fosamax is shattering like glass since it only builds on the outside of the bone and not from within as nature intended...I would rather not take it anymore and live with the chance of a broken bone from not taking anything than what I am going through now. I would suggest that anyone considering taking this prescribed drug not do so and try by natural means of vitamins and calcium supplements and exercise. I am very very upset..

I could not sleep due to the throbbing pain in my leg - the joints, muscles and bone pain - all within three weeks of taking Fosamax and stopping it. I had nothing wrong with my legs before this. I am a runner and at the time was trying to train for eventual competition. I am still unable to run, now six months later, as I still have pain around my knee, the same pain that was throughout my leg when I began using Fosamax. I am convinced this is a result of my use of Fosamax and live in fear that this may become life long. I am angry that my life has been so altered by this drug. No one made it clear to watch out for these side effects.
I am considering a law suite.

Hi everyone,

I thought I would post a comment after being distraught this week with my experience with Fosamax. I am 37 and have osteopenia in my back (-2.5). My doctor put me on Fosamax plus 1500 mg of Calcium and 500mg of vit. D. I took my first dose (1xp/wk) on Sunday and by Tuesday evening I was in absolute pain boardering the line of an ER visit. Here it is Friday and although the pain has subsided, the horrific discomfort I feel in my chest, stomach, and below my breast bone is alarming. I have a very hectic schedule w/ work, teaching, and post-grad school, and yet this week I have not been able to do any activity for more than 30 minutes at a time, and I end up back in bed. I spoke with my Dr. and she said that it will take "awhile" for the symptoms to pass and then tried to tell me that if I had taken Actonel or the name brand vs. the generic then the symptoms "may not" have been as severe. I spoke w/ the pharmacist and he informed me that both the name brand and the generic have the same active ingredients. I am a strong woman who has never missed a day or work and I am always on the go. I am absolutely devestated that I have been "chained" to my bed so to speak because of 1 little 35mg. pill call Fosamax. I'm worried that the side effects will be with me for a very long time, and I'm furious that this drug is on the market. I did my research as far as the studies, but failed to check out the reliability and validity of each study. (I'm kicking myself for that). I keep asking myself if I should go to the ER because the side effects are so severe and painful. I wish I would have come across this site first prior to making my decision. I wish there was a way to fight to have this drug recalled. People's lives and their well-being are far more important and precious than the overall bottom line or gross profit margin for the pharmacutical companies. Thanks for "listening." I'm just very worried and hurting.

Ladies.........This is the worse drug on the market. I took Actenol and Fosamax for almost 3 years, and I am still in horrible horrible pain from my neck to my knees. I had 3 ER visits and they could NOT tell me what it was. This was before all the news came out about how these drugs affects the muscles, joints, etc. How I wished I could of known this before. I told my Dr I would NEVER EVER TAKE THIS DRUG AGAIN. He said I was wrong, but when I saw him in April he apologized and said they are finding out that these drugs how terrible side effects. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother lived to be 84 and my grandmother was 100 and NO dr ever mentioned osteoporisis to them. And the bone density machines are geared for a 5'7" women who are 145 lbs. I am 5'2" and only 110 lbs, so
the readings on the bone density test ARE NOT ACCURATE!!! That has been proven. I hope you all stop this horrific drug before it is too late.
Please feel better

I took Fosamax for one month in '95 when it was a "once daily" dosage because of a family history of osteoporosis and because a DEXA BMD test showed I had osteopenia of a couple of vertebrae. Everyday after taking the Fosamax I had terrible stomach pains which lasted several hours each day. My gastroenterologist told me to quit taking it. I did. About that time I had rapid and irregular heart beats, chest pain and shortness of breath. This was diagnosed by cardiologist as costachondral pain and A-Fibs.
Ten yrs passed. My husband had retired and we had moved to another town. My new family doctor ordered a bone mineral density test and prescribed Fosamax in the once weekly dosage because I had osteopenia of vertebrae and this time also of the femur. I was so afraid of a hip fracture and hoping that the previous stomach pain that I had experienced would not be so bad this time, I accepted the prescription. My stomach burned terribly for several days after taking the first pill and so I didn't take anymore of the pills. About that same time I developed rapid and irregular heart beats again. My new cardiologist said that if things didn't settle down on the medication he had given me that he would have to give me a pace maker. The A-Fibs subsided after 2 yrs.
Now it is in the news that Fosamax might cause A-Fibs. I wonder...

My mother took flosamax for 4 weeks and complained of severe joint pain. The doctor then put her on actenol which she took for 2 weeks. During this time she noticed she was bruising very easily. She had blood work done and found out her blood levels were fatally low especially her platelet count. Her diagnosis is aplastic anemia which is an extremely rear disease. The doctors say the cause can be a virus, a pesticide or a drug interaction. We believe it was flosamax as before she started taking it she was a vibrant energetic woman and in 6 weeks has went from a woman who was full of life to a woman who is clinging to life and getting platelet and red blood transfusions every other day. Please contact me if any one else has experienced anything similar.


I posted post #54, my Mom had a very severe nose bleed after her 3rd dose, so your Mom's diagnosis of a platelet disorder sure seems like it could be Fosamax related. She also experienced the joint pain, though it has eased in the nearly 2 years since she discontinued the drug. I hope your Mom recovers, though Fosamax will remain active in her system for a long time.

After reading what others have experienced, maybe I'm just a whiner. Been taking Fosamax about 6 weeks, and no real problem except losing my hair. My hairdresser has always told me "I'd kill to have hair as thick as yours" (and I'm 62 years old) Certainly won't be the recipient of her compliments if this continues. No one has really addressed whether or not this will be an ongoing thing as long as I take this stuff--2 years until my next bone density test is my goal (I'm going to be really good and exercise and take my calcium now, like I should have been going for the last 15 years), but I'll look like an egg long before then. Any feedback out there?

I took fosamax for four years and stopped taking it four months ago because of all the terrible side affects. Besides all the muscle aches and pains, I recently noticed that my beautiful thick hair has thinned out significantly. What a nightmare this drug has turned out to be for me. Has anyone had an experience with hair loss and fosamax, and has their hair returned after stopping the fosamax?

2007 October I fell and broke a hip. Two replacements (surgeon botched the first) and while in hospital I was sent for a bone density scan. Results revealed a slight level of osteopenia. Surgeon prescribed calcium, vitamin D and fosamax. Here in NZ fosamax is controlled and there is more beaurocracy required "you need a "licence"!) to get it. Surgeon passed the buck to my GP. Between the it was forgotten until my rheumatologist met me for an annual check. He arranged it and I started taking it eight days ago. At the time of taking it I had developed a UT infection and started antibiotics. I have been feeling like crud for days, and for the last two days I have had excruciating pain in upper legs' muscles, upper and lower arms; muscles, wrist joint, and joint or muscle pains in areas at base of thumb and edge of hand.
The pains are such that at tonight's meal I could not hold the knife to cut my food, could not reach out to hold thge empty plate under the rinsing tap.
Earlier I found it was hurting to raise up from sitting in a chair. And last night, getting up from putting wood on the fire was awful.
I had thought it was due to the infection. But now I realise fosamax has such side effect I am wondering whether side effects can kick in after only one or two doses? Has anyone else experienced these reactions so soon after starting on this "medicine"?

Yes, my hair has also thinned out dramatically.
I stopped taking this drug 2 years ago this october, after being on it for four or five yrs. When on this drug I could barely walk, had to sit on my butt to get down the stairs. I trusted my doctor before reading the facts about this drug. I would rather suffer a broken bone than to stay on this poison.
I now feel much better now, (2yrs later) I'm walking my dogs, dancing and doing the things that I like to do. The things that I could not do while taking Fosamax. I can even get into my smaller size shoes, because my feet are shrinking back to normal. I still have some problems, but I will not give in to them I force myself to do things.
If your questioning anything new happening to your body, you can pretty much blame the fosamax your taking.

I started taking fosamax about 5 yrs ago. After 2nd year I had a huge eruption up my esophogus while standing in my kitchen after I had taken my daily dosage. Not knowing what caused it at time that incident led to acid backing up into my lungs and doing permanent damage. I had acid reflux or gerd finally diagonosed by a lung Dr. I had to go through many other Doct orswho puting me on allergy meds for a year because of a diagnosis of asthma. I had asthmatic simptoms in my lungs and was accute causing me to get bronchitus several times in two years. The asthmatic meds made me worse. I finally got a better diagnosis from a lung Dr. I also stopped taking Fozamax for awhile and worked on nutrition since I had become Asthmatic and also became sensitive to many foods. None of this had been in my life health history until after I took Fozamax. I became stronger and healthier on my new food groups. This drug definately causes acid reflux. Even though I followed the instructions of 30 min. standing up etc. I had other simptoms like joint pain headache, heart fluters, and throat complaints. Like a jerk after i improved and felt great with no simptoms my Dr. suggested I take it just once every 2 weeks. I did and regret doing so.. am now off this dangerous drug by my own choice. My Dr.s are not interested in patients like me who question and persist in telling them what was happening with me.They put me off saying my situation must be unique to me. Ba humbug! I am now much better but have permanent damage to my bronchial tubes.

I have been on fosamax for about 6 months. I have osteoporosis in one hip and I was terrified of a fracture so I took the drug. Since then I have been suffering with aches and pains I never had before. I cant walk well after sleeping or sitting and when I bend down to get something it is almost impossible to return to a standing position. I took my last pill one week ago and will NOT swallow another one. I am going to take calcium supplements and walk more. Does anyone know how long it takes for this drug to leave your system?

I was only on fosamx for four days and I felt chest pressure...couldn't swallow...whole rib cage hurting..eyes bluring..couldn't see TV...was not on other meds except for thyroid which I have taken for 45 years due to having goiters removed...Have been off since those four only have rash on feet but it is slowly going away...I checked on my computer and found what goes into these pills...Try hydraulic fluid, tooth paste,,toilet cleaning a lot more....I havea whole new outlook now thanks to a program on here called Save your bones....I will never take a drug like that again.......I had broken my leg about three years ago and was put into a combo therapy nursing home...Sudenly I found myself on 12 pills...for all sorts of things I never have had....I had not taken anything but my thyroid in my life and can't understand why hospitals...theraphy places and even doctors allowing this drug....Apparently they have no knowledge about medicines...

Hello Sue I hope you read this message, like me you are a victim of drug FOSAMAX, please let me answer. Mary N.

My dad took five pills one per week after the second week he began having leg pain. it got so bad he cannot ride in a car for more than a half hour. A trip to the store causes him agony. it has ruined the quality of his life. They used to travel with their friends with their RV they can no longer do this. He quit taking the pills in April it is now August and he is no better. does anyone have information requarding anything that could give him some relief. And also a law firm that has dealt with this side effect. Thanks in advance

I used Fosamax for 5 months and developed joint pain during that period. I related it to age - I'm 60. After about 4 months, I developed pain in my feet that kept me awake at night. I asked my primary care physician about the correlation of this drug and joint pain. He indicated he had never heard of joint pain as a side effect. (Probably should change doctors!) I did some investigation and found out the drug has a 12-year half life. Just means that after 12 years there is about 50% of the drug still in your system. Thankfully, I also read that a minimal amount of the drug is actually absorbed into the body. My joint pain has now moved into my left hip. I have been off Fosamax for 3 months at time of writing. The pain in my feet has lessened; however, it still is severe enough to wake me in the night at times. Hopefully, over time it will abate. I hope I live long enough to see this!!! I would recommend to everyone to whom this drug is prescribed to very seriously consider the possible side effects before filling the prescription.

I went in for a bone density test on June 30, 2009 and my Doctor priscribed Fosamax 6/9/09. I've only taken it for three weeks. My muscles feel like their in knots. I have a hard time walking and I feel like I have a knife in my right shoulder. I found out my doctor should have never had me on colsetoral medication combined with Fosamax. I've been in so much pain not even pain killers will work. My blood pressure elavated to around 190 over 110. I have had to go through a nuclier stress test on my heart 9/3/09 and corterzone injection in my right shoulder 9/4/09. Today the pain began to return. I'm very concerned about my health. It saverly affected every mucle in my body along with extreem indigestion and head achs on the right side of my head.I've had old surgerys such as knee replacement and minor problems in my right shoulder. It seems to have magnified the pain to where pain killers don't help. What can I do to help myself.

I have been on Fosamax since 6-15-09. Was diagosed with osteopenia. Just five days ago I began to experience:
flu-like symtoms
shortness of breath
stomach pain
digestive problems
acid refulx
mild dizziness
knee pain
I am 59 years old and have been active all of my life. These past few days have been horrible and, needless to say, I intend to call my physician and cease taking this medication.

This website has been most helpful. Thank you!

I have been taking Fosamax since 6-15-09 and just five days ago began to experience the following:

flu-like symptoms
shortness of breath
severe stomach pain
digestive problems
mild dizziness
mild knee pain

I am 59 years old and have been very active all of my life until last week. Have absolutely had no energy and unable to eat.

I am taking myself off the fosamax today and will inform my physician of this decision.

This website has been a tremendous help. Thank you!

My dr. just recommended Fosamax, after reading comments here, I've decided to opt for calcium citrate, magnesium, vit.D & vit.K supplements. At 55 I'm not willing to deal with all of the side effects.

Stop taking this poison! lt is incredible , doctors continue sending this drug. l only took it for three weeks and the pain was unbearable l still have neck, hip and feet pain after one month without fosamax


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