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April 11, 2007

Man Gets Hip Replacement on 98th Birthday

I really love this story. It just goes to show what a love for life and a positive attitude can do for one's health. James Krabbe spent his 98th birthday getting a hip replacement after shattering the ball in his hip joint two days earlier. Amazingly, it was the first time he had ever broken a bone. So what is the secret to his long and healthy life?

A farmer all his life, he maintains a good appetite - he loves sweets, the family says - and a positive, upbeat outlook.

His birthday party has been postponed, but Krabbe says he is looking forward to it and to having an angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream.

With a positive attitude like that, there is no doubt that he will heal fast and live to enjoy may more birthdays.

Hip replacement won't slow 98-year old

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July 16, 2006

Hip Fractures in Elderly Don't Have to Lead to Disability

An amazing thing is happening in Australia. The National Health and Medical Research Council has funded the Hip Fracture Intervention Trial, or Hipfit. It is designed to help elderly people recover after hip fractures through strength and balance training. One woman who has gone through the program says she's in better shape now than she was before her hip fracture.

"A year after a hip fracture," says Dr Nalin Singh, a staff specialist in aged care at Balmain Hospital and one of the study's researchers, "one-third to one-half of people who break a hip are in a nursing home or more disabled than they were before the fall. The aim of Hipfit is to change that trajectory."

A dose of strong medicine

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