Man Gets Hip Replacement on 98th Birthday

A 98 year old man got a hip replacement on his 98th birthday. His great health can probably be attributed to a positive attitude and appreciation for life.

I really love this story. It just goes to show what a love for life and a positive attitude can do for one's health. James Krabbe spent his 98th birthday getting a hip replacement after shattering the ball in his hip joint two days earlier. Amazingly, it was the first time he had ever broken a bone. So what is the secret to his long and healthy life?

A farmer all his life, he maintains a good appetite - he loves sweets, the family says - and a positive, upbeat outlook.

His birthday party has been postponed, but Krabbe says he is looking forward to it and to having an angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream.

With a positive attitude like that, there is no doubt that he will heal fast and live to enjoy may more birthdays.

Hip replacement won't slow 98-year old

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