Sally Field Calls Baby Boomers to Boniva Action

Sally Field is not a paid spokesperson for Boniva. Did you think she was? No, she is simply part of a "campaign" to "raise awareness" about osteoporosis.

Sally Field is not just a paid spokesperson for Boniva. No, she is part of a "campaign" to "raise awareness" about osteoporosis. She is spearheading "a new kind of 60s revolution" according to the drug company, Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Shortly after she began taking a drug to prevent bone fractures, she was approached about joining a campaign to raise awareness of this silent condition ... Calling baby boomers to action on osteoporosis has allowed Field to reclaim membership in a generation that, in some ways, she missed out on. "I was in The Flying Nun and everybody was out eating granola ... and protesting, and I was kind of stuck," she says.

Comparing being the spokesperson for a drug company to protesting the Vietnam war? Trade your granola for Boniva! Baby boomers, if her campaign is successful, we might just have to rename you the Boniva Boomers.

Small wonder

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I used to enjoy watching Sally Field. Now every time I see her in that commercial my blood boils.

I watch her! Every single time her commercial comes on, I stop, drop and watch her! I'm a male, just 2 months younger than Sally and I love seeing her these days......hell, any day! Please tell her to make another movie......soon! dick

i say sally fields can take boniva and stick it where the sun dont shine!! i took that monthly pill for 10 months and it nearly killed me, my joints ached and i got to where i could hardly walk i hurt so bad thank the good lord i quit taking it and very slowly my systoms went away i now take more calium and walk alot and use some weights and now feel like a young 58 year old instead of a very very OLD 58 year old.PLEASE DONT EVER TAKE THIS POISON.


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